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  Gusling 19:14 05 Mar 2003

Since purchasing my first Serif product after trying a freebie on a cover, I have nothing but absolute praise for the Company and the products.
When ever I have had the need to contact the Support Team via email they have always responded quickily and answered my quetions in a way that could be understood.
As for the sales team they have never once rang me to try and sell any products, but they do email and use the post.
There are always good offers to be had. I currently use PagePlus8 and have had no problems producing a web Site for my local Cricket Club

  Djohn 19:29 05 Mar 2003

Yes I have to agree with you, they are an excellent company to deal with, and make some very good offers.

Even though they are not my favourite company at the moment, I still think they offer good deals with politeness and efficiency. J.

  mbp 11:18 08 Mar 2003

I have been very impressed by the business philosophy of Serif. They produce good effective products at affordable prices. The Companion books that they produce will guide anyone especially the novices. I simply love their irresistible special offers and just stockpile them for future use. I wait patiently for their next decent special offer, albeit a little dated program but it works for all my needs. You may trust this firm!

  mbp 23:03 10 Jun 2003

Latest offer of their Graphics tablet RRP £99.95 offered at £14.95 I feel sure that this can't be beat.Excellent for detailed work on photographic corrections etc.

  Peter E 23:17 10 Jun 2003

I've downloaded some of their free older versions to try before buying newer versions. You can get them here

I've had no hassle at all. I do get an occasional e-mail outlining special offers, but that's all. No hard sell. More companies should take a leaf out of Serif's book.

  Pumas 23:52 10 Jun 2003

I have to agree. I would recommend this company to anyone.

  spuds 23:07 11 Jun 2003

I have always offered great praise to Serif. But with my last purchase of a special offer digi camera, I have now had to rethink about my great praise offer.

Purchased a digi camera, wrong instruction book and faulty batteries supplied.Contacted Serif,and they knew about the instruction book,and were unable to supply replacement batteries.I eventually ended up with three different emailed instruction books, none of which suited the digi camera.Various other mistakes were made, including the pricing of the camera. Other the phone, the price was one thing, on their website, it was cheaper. I finally gave up. Kept the camera and my sanity. Anybody know what button B clicked twice suppose to do (;o)

  mbp 20:32 14 Feb 2004

I am interested in Gusling's mention that he produced a Web site for his cricket club. You seem quite chuffed by it. I have been offered the above program for an unrefusable price of £9.95 How do they do it? I have several of their programs on my computer that I don't even have to time to use, although I have found their PhotoPlus8 very intuitive. I understand that their PhotoPlus 9 is able to do over 90% of what Adobe Photoshop7 can do for about 1/10th the price. Anyone tried it yet? I would love to get a photographer's opinion of this claim.
I cannot fault Serif products for Value for Money, Intuitive usability, and excellent Resource books and CD's. Everyone should take advantage of Serif's special offers as they try to carve a niche in the market. Once they are established, I doubt if these great offers will be as generous.

  Pesala 20:51 14 Feb 2004

Check out this thread on the Serif Forum for a comparison of Photo Plus with other products like Photoshop click here

I just have the free version 5.5 and find that suitable for me. If I didn't also have Corel Draw Essentials, I would use it a lot more. Draw Plus 4.0 is also excellent value at £0.00 even £9.95 would be fair enough.

PP8PDF for £9.95 is hard to refuse, but I would recommend the flagship product PP9. It does a lot more than the already fairly powerful PP8PDF with professional quality PDF output.

  mbp 12:47 15 Feb 2004

Thanks Pesala for the URL, it was a very interesting read. All so positive. I have just ordered the PagePlus8 so I will use it a bit before venturing any further although I was introduced to PagePlus9 by a very able young man from Serif at a special offer. It did sound tempting.

  spuds 16:39 15 Feb 2004

That is what happens when you contact Serif, especially when you register a product. All little offers and gems start appearing.You can normally get better offers if you haggle a little. Extra return times, and the possible extra freebie thrown in.

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