Serif Customer Service and policies

  mikepal 18:08 08 Feb 2010

I don't know who reads these posts but let me say right at the start I find the software very good but
the companies policies through the customer service
are the worst which I have ever dealt. Terrible, terrible. The worst.
It appears this company don't give a hoot about the customer or customer relations.
The attitude of this company negates ANY good product they produce.
With this company, in my opinion dealing with them,
MONEY comes first and to heck with the customer.
They have seen the last dime from me and I will pass this on to as many clients and associates I can. What a disgrace.

  mikepal 18:12 08 Feb 2010

I should have labeled my first post with the above title to get someone from Serif's attention.
I wonder if Alex Loach was the fortitude to contact this poster?

  dagbladet 18:48 08 Feb 2010

Feel any better?

  Woolwell 19:33 08 Feb 2010

An opposite view - I have used Serif for many years and have never had a problem.

  mikepal 22:07 08 Feb 2010

Feel better now? No, when I get a response from this company, then maybe I'll feel better. But I doubt that will happen.
BTW, great reply, is that the best you can do?

As I stated they make a pretty good and reasonable product. If I told you the issue, you might have a real different view.
The software is not the issue.

  dagbladet 22:25 08 Feb 2010

"is that the best you can do?"

Jeez, you still angry? I meant now that you'd had a rant had it made you feel any better? I can't respond to your particular problem because I've no idea what it is. Something about poor customer service? I doubt if there's a company in existence that's got a 100% customer satisfaction record. So, putting aside that this should probably be in consumerwatch, do you want to share what the problem is?

  mikepal 22:35 08 Feb 2010

After dealing with Serif's customer service, you're darn right I still PO'ed.
If you are a Serif CS manager, I would be happy to explain.
A company with 100% satisfaction? There are many. in in fact my company has 100% satisfaction: Reason,
we go out our was to satisfy our clients and do not alienate them over a reasonable issue. We count on return business. We don't turn a deaf ear. But this is NOT the case. In fact the more I think about it the more PO'ed I get.
As I said if your are a manager, I'll be happy to explain, if not then I feel I will get the same rode-a-dope answer. If I didn't have a reason I would not have given my opinion. I don't have the time.

  Forum Editor 22:50 08 Feb 2010

and I'm transferring it from Speaker's corner now.

We're happy to offer help and advice with regard to specific consumer issues, but you must be prepared to provide fullo details of your complaint - you can't simply use our forum as a platform for a vague and sweeping rant against a company.

If you have details of the bad service you say you have received we'll offer you our advice, otherwise I'm afraid I'll be deleting your post within 24 hours.

  mikepal 23:22 08 Feb 2010

Sorry for the problem. With the one response it appeared it was from a rep. of the company.
The issue first order from this company was rejected by Bank of America due to out of country purchase, which was the 1st time this happened, I have purchased from 3 companies located in the UK with no problems and unknown to me an account was created. Bank of America cleared their company after a phone call and I re-order the product. Now I have 2 accounts. I after a 2nd order I request the accounts be combined, could not be done. I ordered another product from a special promotion and replied and used the form in the url, this was the 1st account, the one that was rejected, the address to ship to said duplicate, I took that as it would go the duplicate address on file but that was not the case. After a month and no product I was told I would have to purchase again. I then called and was told this was my fault. Period. I felt as if I was being accused lying and possibly stealing the product and wanted another for free.
I can't recall dealing with a company with an attitude like this. I was told the item will be returned and I would be issued a refund. Fine. But mutual trust was out the window at this point. After trying to explain that I live in the boondocks Texas and there was not way the product would be returned. I was then told that another $10. would be needed to have this re-shipped.
So it's another $10., that is not the problem.
The problem is, I was told numurous times this was my fault. This was a mistake, an honest mistake on both parties but only I saw it that way.
Shame on me.... I'm glad I found out that how they approach a customer before I spend anymore money with this company. After doing a Google search on this company, I noticed I am not the only one out there with a complaint.
Thanks for your time.
Thanks for your time.

  HondaMan 09:11 09 Feb 2010

I have sent a copy of this thread to Serif. I'll be interested in their reply.

I have dealt with this company for many years, since Serif PP3 and find their after sales and technical support to be excellent.

It seems that most of your problems relate to your bank and not Serif.

  Input Overload 10:18 09 Feb 2010

I have bought a fair bit of software from Serif this last year & have had no problems whatsoever with them. The staff are polite & although they do try to flog you software just saying no thanks works wonders. One of the better software houses I feel.

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