Send it off to be fixed, only to find....

  Si_L 18:33 22 Oct 2007

That absolutely nothing has been done to my 2 month old phone. It is obviously broken, it doesn't power on, and on the very rare occasion that it does, it doesn't get past the start-up.

Sending it back for the THIRD time now, hopefully Carphone will get their act together and sort it.

The same happened to the family computer a couple of months ago, and Tesco took 4 attempts to do anything about it. I guess its easier, and cheaper, for them to just send it back and hope the person will hire someone to fix it.

  lisa02 10:11 23 Oct 2007

I'd be demanding a new phone.

  jack 11:55 23 Oct 2007

Within the appropriate statute time every retailer

must replace/fix or refund - no argument
Just go at 'em.

  rickf 14:44 25 Oct 2007

I wish you luck. Had a problem with Carphone over a Nokia which was causing problems. They refused to exchange it for a new one even though it was under warranty. Each time it went back (3xs within the year) and they replaced it with what I believed to be a refurbished one and each developed a faulty very shortly after receiving it.
In the end I gave up and promised myself never to deal with them ever again. Have not done since and never will do. They still keep trying to offer me upgrades via text. I won't touch them with a 100m barge pole. I also make sure my friends and associates have the benefit of my experience.

  Hayrick 15:10 25 Oct 2007

I have had at least 6 Nokia phones as free upgrades. Only one developed a problem and this I took to a Nokia repair centre. It was repaired with new parts while I waited free of charge. Excellent service.

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