Selling on of personal details

  davecooper 21:38 11 Jun 2016

After averaging a dozen unsolicited phone calls per day for the past year, I have decided my best bet is to change my phone number. I would then be very selective about who had my new number. My only problem here is that my Broadband/Phone provider, in this case TalkTalk, would have my new number obviously. My problem is, do phone providers sell personal details such as phone numbers? If so, it dents the case for changing my number somewhat.

  BT 09:04 18 Jun 2016

Best bet is to go ex-directory and register with TPS and eventually the calls will diminish.

With the greatest respect this is bunkum.

With the greatest respect also, no its not Bunkum. Its worked for me.

In the end I ended up buying a programmable intercept (Trucall) and after a longish time programming the thing, my nuisance calls are down to about 3 each day.

I don't have any sort of call blocker, and on average get LESS than 1 call a week, quite a lot of which are 'Silent Calls' probably computer generated. The occasional 'You've had an accident' call from India is answered with stupid replies and they soon give up.

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