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Selling on of personal details

  davecooper 21:38 11 Jun 2016

After averaging a dozen unsolicited phone calls per day for the past year, I have decided my best bet is to change my phone number. I would then be very selective about who had my new number. My only problem here is that my Broadband/Phone provider, in this case TalkTalk, would have my new number obviously. My problem is, do phone providers sell personal details such as phone numbers? If so, it dents the case for changing my number somewhat.

  lotvic 22:21 11 Jun 2016

Only problem with changing your number is you may end up with one that someone else has 'got fed up with' in same manner as you. I once had same phone number as the weather station that fishermen rang up for their forecasts.... (different exchange so if they forgot to dial the first bit I got the call - not fun at 4am in the morning)

If you are in the directory they'll get your number for free. Best bet is to go ex-directory and register with TPS and eventually the calls will diminish.

Some on here have call-blockers on their phones so may be they'll post with recommendations of what they use.

  Pine Man 07:55 12 Jun 2016

Tried TPS but that only works with UK companies and then only if they decide to abide by the rules. I also used to be ex directory, which was a waste of time as I still got calls.

I now have a BT8600 call blocker phone and never get any phone calls that I don't want.

  hastelloy 08:28 12 Jun 2016

I use TrueCall. It's more expensive than most call blockers but significantly more flexible. Also their after sales support is brilliant.

  BT 09:11 12 Jun 2016

I don't know why but I get very few Cold Calls. I've been registered with TPS for many years, I avoid putting my number on Online forms whenever possible. Many large organisations allow you to opt out of phone contact. Even my Bank has an opt out except for security reasons (unusual activity). Indian call centres get short shrift, especially the 'Accident' ones, and people saying they're doing surveys are just told that I don't do surveys. I think that eventually the word gets around and your number eventually is marked as not worth the bother calling.

  Pine Man 09:23 12 Jun 2016

I think that eventually the word gets around and your number eventually is marked as not worth the bother calling.

I'm not convinced. I can tell from my call blocker who has been trying to get through and failed. The 'Microsoft' number comes up as much as twice a day and many others are repeat attempts.

I think you are just extremely lucky.

  Jollyjohn 10:04 12 Jun 2016

My mate never gets any of these junk calls because........He has turned the ringer off on his landline and never answers it!!

  AroundAgain 15:53 12 Jun 2016

I have to say, I get very few unsolicited calls. I've never been listed in the phone book. This is different to being ex-directory; there is no charge; I just asked not to be in the book. This means people who know my name and address can get my phone number from BT but they must already know my details.

I joined TPS a long time ago and I feel that may have helped to some extent. Any time I get such a call, I say I have joined TPS and would they remove my number from their database

I have a Panasonic phone by which I can block numbers, so a number will only ring me once. This doesn't stop them ringing from another number of course, but then that number gets blocked too.

Generally speaking, I'm getting fewer and fewer unsolicited calls, to maybe, one or two a week.

  Bazzaman 16:39 12 Jun 2016

Like BT and AroundAgain, I hardly ever get any unsolicited calls.

Been with TPS for many many years (both landline and moby).

Always do my absolute best to decline being on marketing lists.

When I have to provide a phone number on a form / online, wherever possible I either use a guff moby number (e.g. 07777 777 777) or the number of an old moby that I still have active (but surprisingly I don't get unsolicited calls on that either).

My wife gets the occasional unsolicited PPI call on her moby from a Texas phone number. But it is pretty rare.

  HondaMan 10:59 13 Jun 2016

Best bet is to go ex-directory and register with TPS and eventually the calls will diminish.

With the greatest respect this is bunkum. I did exactly that and it made no difference whatsoever. In the end I ended up buying a programmable intercept (Trucall) and after a longish time programming the thing, my nuisance calls are down to about 3 each day.

Those involved in the business happily ignore the TPS as they are most unlikely to be caught and even less likely to be prosecuted

  compumac 19:11 15 Jun 2016

I was plagued by unwanted calls and finally obtained BT Call Guardian. This stopped every unwanted phone call coming through. You are able to see the calls that did not reach you and I found that in the past two days I have have7 international calls that were not allowed through. The only problem is that with not having so many calls as before I keep checking that the phone is still functioning.

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