Selling PC

  wednesday 13 16:24 30 May 2005

It may be in the wrong forum, but I am selling my old win 98 PC and need a price. All I know is that it's processor is an Intel Duron 700Mghz. I know to get other stuff by pressing Del at start up but it needs a lock key that is un-known.

Is there anoth way to get this info?

Please help.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:29 30 May 2005

Eh? More information needed but you would be lucky to get £80 if it is in good nick. what do you mean by 'lock key'?


  wednesday 13 16:36 30 May 2005

There is a password needed to access the start up selections and PC info and nobody knows it.

I need the info like memory and stuff that people want to know when purchasing PCs.

  spuds 16:55 30 May 2005

For information about your computer,download and run Everest click here

  wednesday 13 17:04 30 May 2005

Is there a method using My computer?

(I'll try the download after)

  rickf 17:06 30 May 2005

When you start up the PC the splash screen would tell you how much mem. you have or go into the Bios and all info is there.

  TomJerry 17:19 30 May 2005

Duron is AMD chip, not Intel chip

aida32 will find all info for you

  pj123 17:41 30 May 2005

I think GANDALF <|:-)> is being very optimistic. I think you would be lucky to get more than £40 for it.

As for the password if you mean for the BIOS you would need to reset the BIOS (either via the Jumpers on the motherboard or take the battery out and leave it for a few minutes)

  wee eddie 17:48 30 May 2005

I can't imagine who would want to buy it.

  jack 19:48 30 May 2005

ReCycle charit is the only route
They will reformat and reload- which seems to be the only way out of the present predicament.

  Totally-braindead 20:39 30 May 2005

I've got an old 466mhz PC sitting in my attic, not really worth anything. Yours is a bit better but I'm afraid to say I too think you'd be lucky to get £40 for it. Download Everest as has been suggested or Belarc click here they will both tell you the speed make and model of the processor as well as memory etc. As regards getting into the BIOS the advice given by pj123 would allow you to reset the BIOS but theres no need to do so really as either of the 2 programs will give you the info you require.

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