Self build - is this any good?

  nojs 17:32 28 Mar 2005

I fancy having a go at building my own system. I know the basics that I want ie:- xp3500 or above and a pci-e motherboard.
I was going to buy the components seperately but came across this:-click here What do you lot think? Am I wasting my money trying to build it myself rather than buying an "off the shelf" unit,or is it a good deal/spec?

  LastChip 17:55 28 Mar 2005

First. Komplett is a well respected company and can be recommended. I've dealt with them myself and had excellent service.

Second. The package price probably as good as you would get anywhere, and the components are all quality items.

Third. Is this kit exactly what you want? If it doesn't fit your needs precisely, it rather defeats the purpose of building your own system.

Four. And the one big thing I don't like about these Komplett kits, is the proviso at the bottom of the page, that items can be changed if the published parts are out of stock. To me, this kills it stone dead. That is not to say, you wouldn't get perfectly acceptable replacements, but the whole point is, until your delivery arrives, you don't know exactly what you are buying.

When I build a machine, it is a precise amalgamation of parts that I know will work well and will satisfy the particular needs of my client. I could not risk something that is an unknown.

  nojs 18:13 28 Mar 2005

Fair point about them being able to change parts if they are out of stock. They dont have stock of this kit at the moment but they are due in a couple of days so I should be able to give them a call and see if all is as advertised.

Everything seems to fit what im after except I would have possibly gone with a different case/psu and possibly just one graphics card.

I think what made me consider it is that it includes everything I would need.

They also do this click here bundle so I could add my own case/psu/graphics/hardrive/dvdrw but it works out at similar money and I wouldnt be 100% sure about compatability.

Any other thoughts?

  Rayuk 18:41 28 Mar 2005

Have you priced up a similar set of components,as to whether you build it yourself or prebuilt is down to you
You could use their components mentioned, you know then that they will work together and have the option to choose your own case.[Just make sure you get a quality power supply with it]

  LastChip 18:46 28 Mar 2005

It looks from your post as though it's going to be your first build, so from that perspective, it makes sense to buy all the components together.

The big issue used to be graphics cards, but as time has passed, these have become much less of an issue than say three or four years ago.

Cases are as much a personal choice as anything else you're placing in your home and if it's really that important to you, then your second option may be a better choice.

Power supplies without question are the most underrated pieces of equipment in a computer and a poor quality unit can result in all sorts of unexplained freezes and so on.

The NEC DVD recorder, I can assure you is an exceptional piece of kit, with patented writing techniques. I've just bought one for myself and have already burned four dual layer discs without a duff one between them. With the price of media at present, that is an important consideration.

The hard drive offered is 200GBts, so wherever you bought one of those from, would be much the same.

At the end of the day, only you can decide, but your comment about telephoning and checking the available parts in my book, is worthy of serious consideration.

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