chrisy1 14:15 24 Nov 2006

Two months ago my MIO P550 had a motherboard replacement and my unit was returned to me by the company.

Yesterday a gentleman in Norwich phoned to say he had also sent his 550 in for repair but they had returned my unit to him and he contacted me because all my personal details were stored on it.

Am I correct in thinking Mio have repaired my original Mobo, re-installed it in his machine complete with all my personal information.

Is this ethical or legal and do I have any recourse against Mio. Fortunately I dont think there was much personal info divulged but the matter has alarmed me.



  Stuartli 15:24 24 Nov 2006

You cannot have such information stored on a motherboard, only a hard drive or similar storage medium.

  chrisy1 15:32 24 Nov 2006

Thanks for the info which of course is correct and only means that the only component replaced was not just the motherboard. Nonetheless my personal details are now in the hands of someone else and I am advised that Mio Belgium and/or there UK service agent are in breach of their respective countries' data protection acts.


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