Secure USB portable drive (accessible only to me)

  RickT777 16:05 07 Apr 2012


I need to visit many clients using my USB drive and I would like to protect my datas on from other users and administrator at each of these client networks. How to ?

1) I have my own userid defined at each clients network.

2) Would like to limit access only to my userid to this drive. I want to lock any other Login person on this machine to access this drive or remote administrator.

Finally, I don't want Encrypt/Decrypt drive each time than I to use it ... as I work directly on this drive. If I could plug it, enter password and use it directly as normal drive.

I looked at Lenovo with keypad for password ... but if I don't make mistake, after you unlock it, any users with "administrator right" could have access remotely ?

Any ideas?


  interzone55 18:53 07 Apr 2012

I've been issued an Apricorn Aegis Padlock drive from work, you enter the pin code to unlock the drive, and it's locked again as soon as you remove it from the computer

  RickT777 19:17 07 Apr 2012


Thanks. But do you know, after unlock it (using keypad) if the system administrator can take datas remotly? If he can connect remotly on ...

I would like to be sure that nobody else my current userid can read/write on it.


  interzone55 19:45 07 Apr 2012


After unlocking the drive shows up on the PC it's connected to as a removable drive.

As the unlock code is entered directly into the unit it is available to any user connected to the PC - if this is not suitable I think you should avoid this product and anything similar.

Instead I think you should use any other type of USB drive and encrypt it using a portable copy of TrueCrypt

  RickT777 17:51 08 Apr 2012

Thanks alan14

I have looked at ... and seems to be a good fit. But I can't see any information about the others users on the LAN (especially admins) if they could look at my USB drive if I have unlock it ? I mean, if I enter the password, it comes unlock and I could use it locally. But if an administrator could connect remotly to my PC, is it possible they could read on it remotely ? I can't find this info on this web site (and forums). I will continue to search about this possible problem.

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