Second ISP & Contracts

  HenryVII 12:39 01 Aug 2008

I have had TalkTalk Broadband for a couple of months and find it frequently drops the connection. I have tried their helpdesk, but I am told the problem is with my Belkin router. The router worked fine with the previous ISP, and the settings for TalkTalk are correct, so I think it's TalkTalk that's going wrong. Unfortunately I have had difficulty in understanding TT's help desk staff, who seem to have somewhat heavy non-English accents.

I am tied to TT for another 16 months, but can I use another ISP until that contract, which is nominally free anyway, ends?

  Clapton is God 12:52 01 Aug 2008

"can I use another ISP"

Yes, if you don't mind paying for two ISPs - but it would be wise to remove all TalkTalk connection details from your PC when you sign up with a new ISP so that you only connect to that ISP.

  Pine Man 12:59 01 Aug 2008

Broadband is installed on your phone line at the exchange by your provider so, until TT remove their connection that is all you can use.

  tullie 17:02 01 Aug 2008

Dident you get a router when you signed up?

  bstb3 17:16 01 Aug 2008

its a standard response to blame your router equipment, im afraid. We have had that from AOL and BT in the past, when it turned out to be wiring in the house (which we resolved ourselves).

Do you get the connection drops if plugged into the master BT socket? Are Talk Talk trying to pump more speed down the line than your previous ISP? These can have issues with your quality of signal and can cause dropping, even with the same equipment at your end.

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