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  donki 12:00 03 Apr 2010


My mother bought a second hand BMW 116 about 2 weeks ago, when she got into it this morning there was about 2 inches of water in the rear driver side footwell. Now the boot, and roof is dry so I am suspecting a broken door seal. The car has a warranty for 6 months. The dealer she bout it from is closed for 2 weeks over Easter so we can't contact. Just wondering and looking for conformation that this problem should b fixed by them under warranty?

  Kevscar1 13:06 03 Apr 2010

Yes car was obviously like that when she bought it. So repair or refund, sounds like it might be worth paying a mechanic to see if there are any other faults before going back to them.

  donki 13:34 03 Apr 2010

May well do that, was thinking tat if the car was in the showroom the dealer probably wouldn't have known, mayb im being to trusting. Just a bit of a pain that hes closed for 2 weeks.

  Colin 15:47 03 Apr 2010

The dealer must be doing well if he can close for two weeks!

  961 17:45 03 Apr 2010

Check rainwater drainage clear from boot door as a blockage often ends up in the rear floor wells

  961 17:50 03 Apr 2010

Can also be faulty membrane inside the door. Fault known to most bmw dealers and should be covered by warranty

It is possible to order these and diy for not much money but get dealer to rectify

  birdface 20:38 03 Apr 2010

Beginning to smell a bit.
What car dealer would sell a car in that condition.
You would have thought that they would have done a full check on it before selling it.
Shut for a Fortnight at easter.I would have thought that they would need all the trade that they could get without having to shut down.
Maybe best to get someone to have a good look underneath to make sure it is not been in an accident and maybe has been ringed.
Just my suspicious mind probably.

  MAJ 20:45 03 Apr 2010

Is it a BMW dealer, donki? If not, the warranty might only cover the engine and gearbox which is normal in N.Ireland from secondhand car dealers. You are in NI aren't you (I don't know the situation in the rest of the UK)?

  namtas 23:22 03 Apr 2010

Your car will soon begin to smell a bit if you dont get it fixed. Dealers do not carry out a water ingress check on car that they are selling , why would they? Most probably problem was present when traded in but not mentioned. Could be faulty door seal, door membrane punctured or not fitted correctly. Door drains blocked or at worst a leak from faulty seam in the floor pan. You may be able to see where it is entering from if you remove the carpets and look for a thin brown stain line.

  Forum Editor 09:13 04 Apr 2010

there's no possibility that the window on that side of the car was left slightly open? A heavy downpour will find its way in through quite a narrow gap.

  jolorna 10:17 04 Apr 2010

it looks like a common fault, forum click here
comments click here hope this helps

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