A search for a 'wearable' P/A system

  jack 10:31 27 Oct 2010

I have twice recently come across a 'wearable P/A system in use which would be a valuable dcevice at a group meeting I attend in a church hall.
1. A travel guide in Norway who spoke as he walked and the following crowd could hear every word, and recently at the Greenwich Planetarium where the lecturer as he moved[in the dark] the sound moved with him.
In each case they appeared to wear a head boom mike and were wearing a 'Wallkman size device around their waist.
As 1. was in the open streets of Bergan and the other moving around the the dark in the planetarium- I do not think they were a wireless devices.
A quick search of the obvious places [Maplins] did not come up with anything
Ideas anyone?

  Woolwell 13:41 27 Oct 2010

If in a church hall a wireless wander mic (clip on) would be a good solution. The speaker can walk anywhere and his/her voice still comes over the speakers. These are fairly standard in churches.

  wee eddie 14:28 27 Oct 2010
  jack 17:10 27 Oct 2010

Thr church hall has its own P/A and the group has it own wireless set up- the problem is the speakers asre a permanent fixture high on the wall near the stage- intended obviously to work with the speaker[s] on stage.
As soon the speake [s] work from the floor in the main- we are constantly beset with a feedback problem unless the talker is 'pinned' back to the stage and told not to move.

  Woolwell 17:12 27 Oct 2010

I suggest that the sound system in the hall has been poorly installed as that feedback should not happen. In our own church hall the mic can be used anywhere.

  jack 17:13 27 Oct 2010

Yhay look interesting but obviously we need to find a UK provider.
Thank you

  wee eddie 09:31 28 Oct 2010
  jack 10:09 28 Oct 2010

Church hall has been poorly installed

May be - but not our hall - we rent the space
and time- thats all.

  Woolwell 12:36 28 Oct 2010

Or perhaps click here or click here but at 5w I'm not sure how god it would be.

Do any of your group have hearing difficulties? They may need access to a loop system. Most church halls should have this installed and linked to their sound systems. It is something covered under the disability discrimination act.

  Woolwell 12:37 28 Oct 2010

good not god - freudian slip with referring to church halls?

  Woolwell 12:39 28 Oct 2010

Cheaper at Maplins click here

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