Seagate barracuda replacement Where to buy??

  six-h 00:22 08 Jun 2008

My HDD is suspect, and I want to replace it with as little hassle as possible, details of the existing one as far as I can ascertain are: -
Seagate barracuda 7200rpm ultra ATA 160GB
Model No ST3160021A.

I would like to replace it with another Seagate, maybe slightly higher capacity, but competitively priced!
Above all, it must be totally compatible, 'cos I haven't a clue what I'm about to do!!!

  citadel 09:56 08 Jun 2008

you can get a 250 seagate st3250820a from first download seagate discwizard from seagate. when you get the new drive you install it as slave. follow the discwizard instructions and it will copy the entire contents of your drive over to the new drive.
when all is done remove the faulty drive and set the new drive to master.
the discwizard prints all the stages of the instructions out before you start.
I have used this and all went ok.

  chub_tor 17:00 08 Jun 2008

click here for a list of Seagate Drives in sizes up to 750Mb. These are all compatible with your existing drive.

click here is a How to change a hard drive. If you don't like the format of this guide here is a Google page listing lots of others including some with video click here=

  Strawballs 22:33 08 Jun 2008

click here This company has a very reputation on this and other forums and I use them for most tings

  six-h 07:10 09 Jun 2008

Like the sound of the disc wizard, but I've got problems with my OS, and tried a factory-reset which didn't cure it.
since found during a Deckard's scan that I've got 2 bad sectors on my "D" drive, which I'm presuming is the cause.
since then, I've had the "Demented wasp under a glass" noise whilst windows loads, occasionally, and at other times, a 10 minute pause during the post test between reporting 1GB memory found, and CPU!
So I think I'll have to do a flat re-install onto the new drive.

Thanks for the link to the "How to change a drive" that's the most lucid tutorial I've ever seen.
Almost makes me think I can do this and save my machine from the landfill!!

Thanks to you all.

  bjh 11:32 09 Jun 2008

I understand the advantages that a fresh reinstall may bring - but you may also find it a tedious bind with less than perfect results.

I'd suggest using the Seagate Disk Wizard to replicate the old drive, and see what it says. It does have quite good data recovery built-in (it will read, and re-read poor and bad sectors to try to recover data).

If it works, it works. It may take time to run, but it will take you less than a couple of minutes to get it up and running.

If it doesn't give perfect results, THEN try a fresh reinstall.

  six-h 15:48 09 Jun 2008

I had to smile, a little ruefully at your warning of the tedium of re-installing!
In an effort to escape my frequent crashes in IE7 and Firefox, I did a Factory re-set, which took me back to XP Home SP1, and it took me 20 hrs to get my PC to accept all the required updates, most refused 4,5 or 6 times.
All to no avail, as the system still crashes frequently!
However, I'm now armed with an SP3 network edition disk, so that will hopefully make it a relatively bloodless task!

I had thought that since a Deckard's scan had revealed two bad sectors on my "D" drive, which I suspect may have caused the Factory re-set to carry forward corruptions, that I had better start again from scratch.
Following your advice should cost me nothing except a little time, so I think I'll go with that.

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