SD ram success

  slimbo51 19:10 10 Jan 2003
  slimbo51 19:10 10 Jan 2003

Bought myself a digi cam for crimbo,had 16mb of ram onboard,but wanted an extra 128mb.

Searched on net for best price found a site called VALUE DISTRIBUTION UK.

Ordered goods same night got confirmation by Email within 5 min (Cost was £51.03 with free recorded delivery post)

Quoted delivery for 6/01/03 arrived 2 days earlier, well packed and in good condition.

Plugged it in worked first time.

Yes I am plugging this company (No I dont work there) for their excellent service.

Would recomend this company to any one going on my experience.

As most of the postings are about problems other people have Its nice to mention a good firm.

  rev.bem 19:19 10 Jan 2003

was that a smart media card?

£40.48 inc delivery

click here

  slimbo51 19:24 10 Jan 2003

Its called an SD or MMC card whatever they stand for.

About the size of a postage stamp.

  rev.bem 19:27 10 Jan 2003

multi media card,exellent price

ill get me coat!

  BRYNIT 20:04 10 Jan 2003

Wait for it, wait for it, some one some where will say what problems they have experienced with this company.

  Stuartli 20:38 10 Jan 2003

I use Secure Digital in my digital camera; MultiMedia Card memory is compatible, cheaper but slower.

That's a very good price - 128MB of MMC is normally about £4-5 more than you've paid and SD some £15 extra.

All the signs are that SD will eventually take precedence over CF and SF as more and more manufacturers incorporate it into their various products.

  Stuartli 20:39 10 Jan 2003

It's not SDRAM that you are referring to, but Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. SDRAM is for computers...:-)

  slimbo51 20:42 10 Jan 2003

The ram I purchased was sd ram not mmc but I understand they will both work in the same camera.

Didn't know for sure what sd ram in this context stood for thanks for info.

  Stuartli 23:29 10 Jan 2003

No, SDRAM is fitted to motherboards (Single Data Randam Access Memory)..:-)

Secure Digital and MMC are memory cards; as I have stated they are compatible, but MMC works at a slower transfer rate speed.

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