The scourge of spam

  Pink_Panther2 10:00 17 Feb 2004

The vast majority of level headed PC users agree that spam is a scourge, that at the very least irritates us, and at worst intrudes our privacy and bombards our families (and regrettably, despite the use of filters, and nannys) all too often, our children with offers of “unsuitable” products and services.
The vast majority are also aware that it is unwise to reply to any spam, in the sure knowledge that it will proliferate into even further intrusions.
My question therefore is:
What is the point of the people / companies sending out so much? Are there really that many people out there, sufficiently stupid to make the sending of spam a worthwhile project?
I fear I may know the answer.

A minute number of responses is enough to make spamming profitable.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:47 17 Feb 2004

Are there really that many people out there, sufficiently stupid to make the sending of spam a worthwhile project? click here the answer would appear to be yes.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:48 17 Feb 2004

It hardly costs anyhting to send millions of emails. If only 40 people reply you are laughing.


  PurplePenny 11:27 17 Feb 2004

According to an article that a friend was reading the take up rate from spam is higher than that for junk mail! A junk mailing is considered successful if there is a .5% response and spam gets a 7% response! So next time you are on a packed bus consider that 4 of your fellow passengers may have responded to spam .......

  [email protected] 13:37 17 Feb 2004

I certainly dont respond to 7% of the spam that hits my inbox - If they do get that level of a response then you can see why it happens but 7% seems awfully high to me given that most spam is probably filtered in some way nowadays and is never even seen by us punters.

  spuds 20:25 17 Feb 2004

Sending spam is a multi million dollar industry, that is the reason for the prolification of spam. I was reading today in a well known daily newspaper, that a 'student' from cambridge was earning a six figure salary for his enterprising ways and methods of spam sending. Beats me, why this person is known, yet the authorities [isp's,watchdogs etc] are doing very little to stop his explortations.

  Al94 21:08 17 Feb 2004

Nildram migrated me free to their latest server with anti virus and spam filtering. My mail to is now automatically redirected to for filtering and picked up from there. I have set the mailbox to automatically delete spam after 7 days. I haven't had one single spam email since via pop3 to Outlook, have been keeping an eye on the spam bin via web access to check nothing there that I want and so far 100% brilliant. If this lasts, my problems with 20/30 spam emails per day(viagra etc) are gone.

  Al94 21:09 17 Feb 2004

Well sone Nildram. Very helful bunch.

  Al94 21:10 17 Feb 2004

but thay can't help my spelling!! I meant Well Done Nildram, very helpful bunch!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:35 17 Feb 2004

The adverts are generally targeted at very vulnerable people, consequently, they usually get a high response from the target audience. There are plenty of programmes (free or paid for) that can deal with unwanted adverts or there is the option to delete them, which does not take more than a minute. I really think the 'amount of spam problem' is slightly over-stated and is not enough to worry about.


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