The Scourge of our society?

  originalmiscellany 20:28 26 Apr 2005

As a teacher, I've come across a trend with kids of recording on their 3G phones other people being slapped out of the blue - in fact a few of my sixth form kids showed me with relish these really unsavoury videos and they found it really funny.

click here

is an article explaining what I'm referring to.

I myself have never seen or expereinced such activities but as this is a case of ICT being badly used, I was wanting comments from people who have heard about this as I'd like to gauge how common this is.


  Totally-braindead 20:54 26 Apr 2005

I've never seen this particular type of recording but I have seen some really sick ones of a cat getting its head chopped off in a sunroof and some others of the same sort of thing, but you could tell they weren't real, if that can be said to make a difference. The persons who had these were adults however and personally I thought they were a bit sick. The ones you're on about are worse in that, from what you describe they appear to be real or perhaps are real.

  Giantsquid 23:26 26 Apr 2005

Kids it any wonder, what a country this has become, and I would not be a Teacher for a million quid a year.
You have my upmost respect and good luck, because you need it these days.


  New Neophyte 01:22 27 Apr 2005

My daughter tells me she wants to be a teacher. As a responsible parent, it is up to me to ensure that she seeks a job where she is reasonably remunerated and most of all given a measure of respect. Which excludes teaching in the public sector. Obviously.

God bless you Miscellany, and a big shout out to B Liar for his efforts in improving education in this country. Ha ha.


  Aspman 14:00 27 Apr 2005

I did read a story about a chap getting a serious kicking for a few blokes while another laughed and recorded it on a video phone.

He'd never seen them before they just seemed to do it for the video.

Most disturbing.

  originalmiscellany 14:07 27 Apr 2005

You have very big highs and very low lows. Personally I take my hat off to primary school teachers, I could think of nothing worse!

Thanks to your supportive words, but normally I love it! It's just the paperwork that is too much, now if PCA did an article on that, it would make interesting reading!

And if you feel moved by my poor plight of being a teacher, feel free to send me any denomination of money as recompence. (Joke)

  Arnie 16:49 27 Apr 2005

Bring back the birch. That would quieten down the ruffians!!!

They never seem to have those problems in Singapore.

  Aspman 17:11 27 Apr 2005

My other half is a secondary school teacher. I will admit to winding her up about short working days and long holidays but the reality is that she usually doesn't leave the school until after 5 (school finishes at 3:30) and often will work for another 4 hours at home marking and propairing classes.

She used to work in a very rough school was assaulted 3 times in 3 years. She loved the troubled kids though. She only left after being bullied by her boss - something else which is endemic in schools.

I wouldn't be be a teacher, I like being nice and safe in me office.

I'll ask her if she has seen this phone slapping. Give it time and it'll spead around no doubt.

  Giantsquid 19:58 27 Apr 2005

Yesterday a paper from my local school was handed to all reception class kiddies, to take home to there parents, the paper was compiled by the school after a visit from the School inspectorate who after observing reception and year 2 classes concluded that:

In our opinion the behaviour of some of the reception and year 2 classes was appalling.

This is a high achieving Catholic School ranked in the top 10 junior schools in Englad 2 years ago.

Lord help us....what this country will be like in 15 years time does not bear thinking about, I'm sorry but if Teachers don't get help in the near future as regards the level of aggression and 'you can't make me I know my rights' sort of pupils, someone is going to get hurt, and this time it will be a Teacher that cracks up and does the damage.


  geoff47 01:49 28 Apr 2005

Could this fashion be something to do with the popularity so called reality TV programs? The programs that show town centre CCTV of drunken fights,Granny falling off the deckchair,and other unfortunate incedence caught on film.
I have said for many years....we will laugh at someone dieing if these sort of programs continue.
Its the 5 minutes of fame type idea gone mad.

  wiz-king 05:16 28 Apr 2005

It started with a Tango advert which was withdrawn after a child got both eardrums ruptured. In the advert a man dressed and made up in orange - to look like the orange drink - attackes people at random in the street when they drink Tango.

Who said kids dont copy what they see on TV?.

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