ScanSoft Software - lack of support to customers.

  LenG 10:17 11 Dec 2004

Approx. 5 months back I invested in three products produced by Scansoft, PaperPort Deluxe 9, NaturallySpeaking 7 (Prefered), and OmniPage Pro 14. When Microsoft released SP2 all users of the above software were placed in the position of either retaining the functionality of their programs and foregoing the added security and enhancements that SP2 brought. Or, install SP2 and be forced to delete all of their ScanSoft software. Scansoft's software makes even the most rock solid platform unstable when it has SP2 onboard, believe me I tried! On contacting ScanSoft Support in August I was told that they were aware of a problem (they should have been as Microsoft's SP2 Support site directed you straight to them), and they were looking in to the problem. When in September no further information had been recieved from ScanSoft I contacted them again, in this communication I also mentioned that they were currently supplying their software in breach of a Trading Standard infringment, in that they stated their software was Windows XP compliant when infact it was not. I also mentioned nowhere on their site was there any mention of a problem with their software and SP2. I got a reply back that the 'standard' version of Windows XP worked with ScanSoft software, it was only when SP2 was installed that a problem arose. I replied by pointing out that OEM suppliers were now apparently supplying Windows XP software with SP2 pre-installed on their hardware, leaving some users in the position of being unable to uninstall SP2. Indeed the 'Standard' version of Windows XP had now become with SP2 installed. The following appeared on their software site a few days late:

Products: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 6 & 7; PaperPort 8 & 9; OmniPage Pro 12 & 14; OmniForm 5; TextBridge Pro 11; PDF Converter 1 & 2; PDF Create! 2; PDF Pro 2.0; ViaVoice 10


With the release of Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2 (XP SP2), there are some changes to the operating system and to Internet Explorer. The above families of products were not designed or tested for use with the new features of XP SP 2. Although testing is currently in progress, the installation of SP 2 is not recommended until the testing results are complete.

The above came out in the first week in October. To date no further support has been offered to users. Except one thing, I have been e-mailed on three seperate occasions to see whether or not I want to upgrade to their 'new' software versions. Strangely no mention is made as to whether or not their 'new' versions are infact SP2 compliant. If anyone reading this is thinking of investing in ScanSoft software, may I suggest that they think long and hard before doing so. Since October I have attempted to get in contact with ScanSoft to get my problem resolved but without any success. Indeed, these days they don't even appear to answer their e-mails. It would seem that ScanSoft has basically given a two fingered salute to the owners of it's earlier software... though it should be mentioned at the moment I believe OmniPage Pro 14 is still actually their current version.

  Curio 13:51 11 Dec 2004

I am running Dragon NS Preferred 7.3 under Windows Xp Home with SP2 installed. The only problem I had was shutting down the PC (Had to do the close down routine twice). I then installed Startup Inspector and stopped Dragon NS and other programmes from starting on Boot up and that problem disappeared. Dragon NS is working perfectly for me at this time. All this was done after a Hard Drive failure, with New Hard Drive installed and a clean installation of XP, SP2, followed by my applications.

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