Scanner problem with HP 3380 Aio Printer

  MikeSA 20:05 28 Nov 2015

I have connected the HP Laserjet 3380 Multi-function Laser printer to my computer but it appears that the scanner function does not work with Windows 10.

Whenever I switch on, this message appears : SCANNER ERROR. PRINTER POWER ON – PRINTER POWER OFF -

As the printer is now over ten years old, HP no longer offers support for this printer and no updated scanner drivers are available. The Print and Copy functions, however, work perfectly although it is not possible to copy to file.

But does know of any universal scanner drivers that will instead work perfectly with the printer? I have tried Vue Scan but that did not work. Alternatively, which dedicated scanner on the market would be most ideal for scanning and then emailing and faxing multi-page documents and brochures in PDF format? What features should I be looking for when purchasing a new scanner? All advice would be appreciated.

  rdave13 20:38 28 Nov 2015

The only thing I can suggest is to reinstall the drivers for the printer in compatibility mode. If you have the drivers on disk or can download them from the HP site then I would uninstall all the HP drivers. Reboot and open the disk, not auto run, or find the .exe file from the download, right click it and select Troubleshoot compatibility. Once the troubleshooter has run then select Troubleshoot program. In the new window select "The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won't install or run now". Select 'next'. Now it will offer you the choice of previous Windows that it ran ok on. Select that version of Windows and click next. Select 'test the program' and then install it. Test it and the new window will give further options asking if the problem is fixed. Unless you had to reboot. Worth a try but make sure you have all the drivers needed first in case you need to reinstall normally again and find a scanner.

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