scanner for old negs

  canard 00:04 06 Nov 2003

After Legolas' good thread about Epson perfection I thought this is just the job for son's Xmas pressie. Duly offered and he sent me to Jessops so I'm now totally confused. Please will kind readers tell me what scanner, that's not for millionaires only, will do a decent scan of all those different sized prehistoric family neggies.

  Stuartli 08:51 06 Nov 2003
  canard 11:36 06 Nov 2003

Had already checked that thread which doesn't answer this question. The key words are negatives various sizes.There are lots of scanners that do 35mm. But what I'm looking for is the scanner that will deal with a shoe box of allsorts old family negs.

  pj123 12:02 06 Nov 2003

I think for anything other than 35mm you are looking at lots of bucks. There are adapters available for flatbed scanners, I tried one and it wasn't very good. I now get all my negs and trannies done by Coe Digital. They put them all on to a CD for me in three different resolutions. Cost is good. Check out click here

  Stuartli 17:08 06 Nov 2003

Your chances of getting a multi-neg sizes scanner are, at best, slim and as has been pointed out the cost will be exhoritant for the purposes envisaged.

On a cost per neg basis it's almost guaranteed that pj123's suggestion will provide the ultimate solution.

  canard 19:03 06 Nov 2003

Thanks for the good advice PJ123 and Stuartli
- if by any chance anyone has found a miraculous solution I'd love to know it.

  Demora 21:16 06 Nov 2003

OK. I have a Canoscan 3200f which has a negative/slide holder this is a certain size. BUT have looked at the way the scanner is made. as long as the negative actually fitted into a homemade holder (soft black card) and fitted into the area that throws the light thru the negative might work just a thought.

try click here very good


  canard 22:33 06 Nov 2003

Thankyou Demora, I can see what you're talking about. Sounds perfectly possible. Will try to check up on it.

  Demora 23:37 06 Nov 2003

Well I'm going to try the theory I posted Canard because my dad had an old camera and I found some black and white negatives so I want to see the photos. BTW the Canoscan 3200f is one of the best scanners I have used and I've used a few. I did a colour negative and increased the siz for printing to 490% and eveyone in the family was impressed. I have posted my review on ebuyer. I think I'm the only female with a review there.

With Cheaper scanners. negatives are sometimes a hit and miss affair.

BUT Thumbs up to Canon

Good luck


  shifty 18:10 07 Nov 2003

I purchased a primefilm 1800U scanner from Jessops for around ?129 just for negative and slide images. Have a flat bed scanner with a light lid but it gave poor results especially with some darker kodak films. Well suited with the primefilm scanner.

  hayeside 11:06 08 Nov 2003

Having needed a new scanner, also decided to get one to handle old family negs. So bought CanaScan 8000 which will do both colour and black & white negs. Wife is retired professional photographer so wnated similar to reproduce her work. Very happy with all concerned so recommend.

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