Scancom sim card offer

  skeletal 14:43 10 Mar 2003

Hi Guys’n’Gals

Not been around in the forums for a bit!!

Have any of you had dealings with a company called I think they may be related to Scan (the one that has a daily offer for computer bits).

Anyway, Scancom had an offer whereby if you bought a sim card for a phone through them (at about £160), if you sent them the invoice from the phone company (to say you had registered with that network), they would refund the money. This is what my son did (he plays with phones like we play with computers!).

Well, you know what’s coming next...we sent the invoice, and guess what, no refund, can’t get through on the phone, ignored emails.

It looks like the small claims court beckons again (I really wanted to start this thread with “don’t buy from...”!!!).

I will start writing via snail mail and recorded delivery and all the usual efforts to get service before going to court, obviously.

Just interested if any of you had taken up this offer etc.


  anchor 20:12 10 Mar 2003

Did you mistype the name?, perhaps it should have been

  Office 20:30 10 Mar 2003

Thanks for letting me know. I'm not going for it now.

  skeletal 22:31 10 Mar 2003

Anchor...I did wonder myself!

To be fair, it all may be an innocent mistake...but why do these places never respond???

Office...I would certainly be very wary.

We'll see over the next few days/weeks I guess.


  skeletal 09:50 11 Mar 2003

Well stone the crows!! Guess what has arrived in this morning’s post. A cheque from Scancom! Dated yesterday (it should have been early-mid February). No covering letter to say what may have happened. I hope it’s not rubber either!

So what can I say? It must be morphic resonance. Put a note on this forum, and the problem is solved even without anyone doing anything (unless Scancom are so clever they deduced who I am from my moniker “Skeletal”).

Maybe there was a genuine mistake and all is above board after all.

So, a general question to all the suppliers and manufacturers that read through this forum: “why don’t you talk to your customers?”. This has been my biggest complaint. We all know things go wrong, but if there is a problem, why not reply to emails/letters/talk on the phone or whatever??!!

Happy Skeletal

  chrishillcoat 18:18 12 Mar 2003

I ordered my phone from Scancom. The pre-sales service is great, but the post-sales service is woeful. One of the free bits that should have come with the phone didn't - took about 3 months to get it sorted.

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