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Scan computers - free delivery for life

  Diodorus Siculus 13:26 12 Nov 2006

Register Now and get FREE delivery for life with online purchases at Scan.

click here

Seems good idea with no catches...

  sidecar sid 13:56 12 Nov 2006

Thanks Diodorus Siculus.
I use scan quite often this is definitely a hot deal.

  spuds 18:06 12 Nov 2006

Just registered,and will now wait for the response as per the on-line " Thank you for submitting your details, we will be in touch soon",(I have unticked the £75 voucher contact offer).

Seems as though this offer is tied in with a company called Omega Sektor, who have a special interest in gamers. I note in Scan's delivery page, there is no mention of this free delivery offer.It was only recently that I contacted Scan about their high postal charges for single small items (memory chip), and their reply seemed to suggest that they could not charge less than £7.99!.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:18 12 Nov 2006

It's on a few sites at the moment and no one seems to have received a reply; it may be that it was sent to only certain people but the link became public.

  GaT7 18:48 12 Nov 2006

Is this free delivery for *anything* from Scan or only for game-related items? G

  spuds 19:53 12 Nov 2006

Crossbow7-- I wondered that, hence my remarks and registration, which I now await confirmation reply.

  Stuartli 20:05 12 Nov 2006

I've had the same e-mail but am a bit puzzled at the spelling of Secktor - a Google search reveals no trace of Omega Secktor, only Omega Sector Ltd, plus a basic game website.

All the usual Scan links work from the e-mail link after it is opened.

Incidentally I'm not a gamer....:-)

  GaT7 15:54 16 Nov 2006

I received an email from Scan this afternoon to register for the free delivery. There are certain T&Cs attached to the offer, & one cannot get free delivery for just anything. Still it seems quite good & thanks to DS for posting this info : ), G

  Diodorus Siculus 19:24 16 Nov 2006

Jackcoms - heard you the first time!

The link was posted last Sunday and those who signed up then got their emails this week.

I've signed up and it seems good!

General T&Cs

Thank you for submitting your details to us via the i29 form.

We were inundated with requests to register for this offer at our i29 LAN Party and also through our website and we've taken the decision to
extend the offer out to everyone who applied. This has been done in good spirit as a gesture of thanks to those gamers who made the effort to
attend the LAN Party ...and as a gesture of goodwill to welcome everyone else as Scan customers. :)

We have extended this offer out to everyone in good faith and all we ask in return is that you respect the following ‘spirit of participation’:

* Free delivery applies only to our standard Citylink delivery service to UK mainland addresses.
* Scan reserves the right to withdraw this offer giving a week's notification if we deem it necessary.
* There is a great deal of trust and good faith in this offer and in the spirit of this we have not set a strict minimum order value.
Nevertheless, in all fairness we will need to monitor orders placed and in any cases where repeat orders come through of less than £20 we
reserve the right to review your entitlement to free carriage to our discretion. Please bear in mind if we do feel the need to contact you in
cases like this we will do so amicably and work on a case-by-case basis, treating each one on it's individual merits and we will do everything we
can to resolve any issues in a positive way.

  spuds 23:03 16 Nov 2006

Received the confirmation email, and as suspected, there are conditions attached.Seeing how the way it was originally stated, I would think that trading standards or the ASA, would perhaps have something to say about 'free delivery for life', and the way this was advertised.

  Stuartli 00:00 17 Nov 2006

You wouldn't, surely, expect low cost orders to be delivered free?

That's the route to the business folding scenario.

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