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  Ripped_Off_Buyer 22:54 02 Feb 2012

Appalling Customer Service Goods missing from package but Scam sorry scan do not give a toss... i followed every request to supply further information, photographs etc but the bottom line was tough we are not prepared to replace the missing item or refund you the cost.

Well Scan I have news for you its called Breach of Contract and I will take all steps to recover the money you owe me through the courts.......... I will also make sure you get the negative publicity your company deseves.

Anyone thinking of buying online should go to a reputable company like

Absolutely disgraceful way to treat customers!!!!!

  spuds 01:30 03 Feb 2012

"I will also make sure that you get the negative publicity your company deserves".

Its obvious that you are upset about something, but would it have not been best to have perhaps asked this forum for help or advice. Making threats are not going to help?.

  onthelimit1 08:57 03 Feb 2012

Scan IS a reputable company. If the tone of your conversations with them is the same as the tone of your post, I'm not surpried at their reaction! I've not come across negative comments about Scan before, so will be interesting to see if any others think like you.

  HondaMan 09:44 03 Feb 2012

I suspect that you may have gone at this like the proverbial "bull in a china shop".

  Ripped_Off_Buyer 12:23 03 Feb 2012

I take your point about my post but I approached Scan in a calm and friendly manner.... the problem is when after 10+ emails and you have done everything they requested, they then say sorry we are not going to honour the contract so tough you are out of pocket... well I think ANYONE would be annoyed.

I contacted Consumer Direct who advised me of my rights, they were amazed at the arrogance of Scan in their dealings with me. My biggest mistake was to pay by debit card, had I used my credit card I would have had an almost automatic solution. Instead I have to go through the long and costly process of taking them to court. It just makes you wary of buying online when you see how easy it is for a company to take your money yet not supply the goods.

I have never had such a bad consumer experiance before.

Apologies if it came across as Mr Angry but I feel like I have been ripped off.

  spuds 12:37 03 Feb 2012

Have you approached your debit card company, because some, especially those with the Visa motif, might be able to help?.

As I suggested earlier this morning.Why not post your problems, perhaps we on the forum might have some suggestions or advice available, in reaching a solution?.

  Ripped_Off_Buyer 12:52 03 Feb 2012

Spuds the only solution is for Scan to honour the contract by either supplying the missing item or refunding the value of the item.

The law is on my side but it obviously takes time and money to get satisfaction. In the mean time Im deprived of goods I have paid for with my had earned cash, I cannot afford to write it off as a bad experience.

It leaves a bad taste in the mouth, I felt really angry at the way they treated me. It was so arrogant, like its not our problem now go away.

  spuds 13:37 03 Feb 2012

"The law is on my side but it obviously takes time and money to get satisfaction".

I am afraid that it doesn't always works out like that. The law isn't on your side, because there are usually two sides to a story, and it is at that point the law will decide. Even if you won the case, it doesn't always mean that satisfaction will be gained, because anyone can ignore court orders, and have done so.

On my final attempt, why not try to give some indications to the problems (in a condensed form) and we might be able to assist you?.

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