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Scam phone call question

  Roadgiant 23:00 03 Jul 2013

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this.

Last night I had a phone call from someone claiming to be from my broadband provider saying that my computer had a problem, I straight away smelt a rat and asked the caller who my supplier was and he imediatly replied "don't ask me that question" and hung up. I then put the phone number into Google and found many references to similar calls to people from the same number,with the same format, some of them going back over several months, the code indicated that the call originated in Sheffield. I am sure most people on here would recognise this like I did as a scam, but I am also sure there are gullible and vulnerable people who may fall for this and thus give access to their PC and security details. My question is how can someone operate this type of attempted scam/hack over a period of months without something being done about the number? RG

  lotvic 00:01 04 Jul 2013

I think they will get away with making the calls until enough victims report them for fraud/attempted fraud.

Interesting that the calls are starting to come from within UK (Sheffield) might be copycats or relatives of the India lot that got shut down

"As explained by the Guardian in 2010, the scams used "boiler room" tactics, dialling through phone books for English-speaking countries. People who answered the phone were told the call came from Microsoft or their internet service provider"

"..Though the FTC said it could not put a figure on how many people had been scammed, or how much they had lost, Microsoft – which has been working with the commission for the past two years to try to catch the criminals..."

  spuds 00:05 04 Jul 2013

This scam and very similar scams are very well known on the internet now, and it doesn't take to much effort to find information about them. People using terms that seem to suggest that they are Microsoft, were once the normal way of scaring people into subscribing into their 'supposed' services.

The people who work these scams, usually are very well versed and are perhaps one step ahead of the game at the moment. Shut one down, and another springs up again within a very short time. That particular call might have originated in Sheffield, or appeared so, but the majority start from overseas, with calls being re-routed.

  spuds 10:32 10 Jul 2013

"Did you report it to the police and get an incident number? There's your answer!

What would there be to report, no fraud had been committed in this instance.

If there is fraud, then click here

  [email protected] 11:33 19 Jul 2013

I'm not sure you need to wait until you've actually been defrauded.

If you suspect that someone has attempted to defraud you it would seem reasonable to report this even through you managed to avoid the wee blighters trap!

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