Say No To 0870 Website Is Still Well Worth Having.

  Big L 266 09:28 25 Jun 2010


I have had the 'Say No To 0870' website in my 'favourites' for some years. The link below will take you there and is well worth a visit.

click here

I get so annoyed when I'm forced to dial an expensive 0845 or 0870 number.I did read that the average person spends 30 minutes a month dialling them.Since this type of number is to keep firms and telephone providers in a life of luxury which we pay for,I have used this website to see if the same organisation has a fixed landline equivalent number.

More often than not there are fixed landline numbers such as the 01,02 or 03 that we all have at home.I'm grateful that using this website has more often than not has given me a landline equivalent to an 0845 or 0870 number.

We're all familiar with the 2 minute opening diatribe before we get to the first 'press 1,2,3,4,5,6' to start off with, then 'press '1,2,3,4' to get to the next level, then finally 'press 1,2,3' to speak to someone - and then being put on hold for 20 minutes.

Its well worth a look and I use it whenever I can these days.

Thought I'd pass this on to try and help you save money on expensive and costly calls.

Big L 266

  sunnystaines 09:44 25 Jun 2010

used it for ages but cannot find an alternative to 0844 number for virgin hoildays

  QuizMan 12:42 25 Jun 2010

Definitely highly recommended. Like sunnystaines I have been using them for a number of years now.

  jack 14:12 25 Jun 2010

0870 as I have just found out only 10 minutes ago
I am spoiling for a fight with
Computersdhre Investment Services
After receiving - Standard Letter, and forms and demand for fees for carrying out work not of my making.
Right I'll pune sez me - 0870 are the only numbers listed
So they want money off you every which way - even though the cockup is theirs or their client, certainly not mine.

  BT 16:40 25 Jun 2010

What I object to is having to sit and wait for ages to be put though by the computerised system all the time being charged for the call. It was so much cheaper when if they were busy you got an engaged tone and it didn't cost you anything. You could just keep pressing the redial button until you got answered and it didn't cost you anything till then.

The same with mobiles when people don't answer, you leave a message, and they return the call later. The companies must love it getting paid twice for what could have been a single call.

  interzone55 16:49 25 Jun 2010

Just a quick point here

Companies no longer generate revenue from 0845 & 0870 numbers, so it's not correct to say these numbers are keeping them in a life of luxury.

Also 0845, 0844 & 0870 are now included in BT's calling plans.

That's not so this site doesn't have it's uses, because often if you find the direct numbers you can bypass the annoying menus and appalling hold music.

  interzone55 17:15 25 Jun 2010

Pushing redial is useless.

Even if you get an engaged tone you're still in a queue, so dropping the line and pressing redial just puts you at the back of the queue again.

I know computerised answering systems are annoying, but they do have their uses. If you actually listen to the options rather than just pressing 1 in hope you'll get the right department, there's a chance you'll get your call answered quicker.

Where I work they've just installed a new phone system so all our offices are now on the same system, all accessed I should add from standard geographic numbers. If you dial any office you get the menu, from here you can access any department or any office. This means that a customer just has to remember their local branch number, but from there can be put through to credit control in Glasgow, tech support here in Rochdale, marketing in Manchester, and many other operations across Europe. For this the customer just pays local rate, or included in their call plan, and the call forwarding costs us nothing as it's all VOIP, so essentially an internal number to us.
This wouldn't be possible without the computerised answering system.

  Big L 266 17:48 25 Jun 2010


jack....I sympathise with you and hope you'll be able to settle the problems you have.May I with great respect kindly suggest you contact your local Citizens Advice for all matters regarding your problem with this firm? You may find it prudent to have someone assist with your complaint and who can approach it from a different angle.

This website has been really useful to me and clearly to others in this thread.

alan14s....Your assumption is that firms don't make any profit from 0845 and 0870 numbers,but this simply isn't true.I am lucky that my ISP has free calls to these numbers within my package.Many ISPs still don't have it,and non-computer users sadly would never know anyway. There are many 08 providers out there whose sole job it is to get businesses to swap their 01/02/03 numbers and charge their customers (us mugs) a fortune to do so.The 08-supplying firm and the supplied firm make a fortune out of it and thats a fact. One firm online, who shall be nameless, has a 09 number to ring into charging £1 a minute. Many other firms offer up 0844 and 0871 numbers equally not covered in any price plan.In all cases its scandalous and unneccesary, especially when all such users deliberately string out the opening call with such lameness as 'This call may be recorded for company use', so that they can garner the maximum profit from a single call.

The reason why I get annoyed is simple. Both my ISP and mobile phone calls to 01/02/03 numbers are free for me 365/24/7. Why should I pay to line the pockets of 08 supplier and supplied users alike? The worst culprits are governmental departments like JobCentrePlus.In any case,the 'press 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 button ad-nauseum' syndrome is a poor excuse for any firm not to have an operator to answer from a switchboard.

Tinny music,repeated music,adverts,dafter responses (you're in the queue at position 5) only go to prove to me one thing. Business wants everything done on the cheap. I come from an era of people talking to people,not people talking to buckets-of-bolts machinery. carried away!

Big L 266

  sunnystaines 19:25 25 Jun 2010

another option if stuck some places use 0871 for tel but normal number for the fax.

just add or subtract a number from the fax number this often works

  interzone55 20:35 25 Jun 2010

Sorry, that's no longer the case, the only numbers you get revenue from now are 0844 (only for ISPs), 0871/2/3 & 09 numbers.

Do you really think that BT and other telcos would include these numbers in their call plans if businesses still generated revenue from them?

  wids001 13:24 28 Jun 2010

I recently signed up to an all-in package from Virgin for £89.00 month. this includes free calls to 01/02/03 & 0800 numbers. Given that I was paying something like £40.00 a month on calls alone (on top of my original £50 a month virgin subscription), I thought this was a good deal. The wife also has a virgin mobile with 400 minutes & 100 texts for £10.00 a month.

Having now educated her to use her mobile when phoning other mobiles, thus using more of her "free" mobile minutes, and getting her to use the saynoto0870 website to get a landline number instead of 0844/0870 (etc) numbers I am now saving money each month, not a lot but I look at it this way, the £40 plus a month I was spending on phone calls is now paying for HD tv, the Sky Movies channels & all the sky sports channels.

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