Bellboy 10:16 11 Dec 2004

Once again I am complaining about Saveapoint, Burton-on-trent.
A couple of months ago they increased the postage on a CD/DVD from £2.99 to £3.49. They then charged me £10.47 for three items, sliding about in a plain fullscap envelope, sent second class.
One of the items, although correctly described on the "packing list" was wrong and for the last three weeks I have sent six emails, trying to get someone to address this.
The usual form is to send an acknowledgement after two days, giving the email address and inviting you to contact them again if you have not heard from them within 72 hours. You never do!
After a similar problem last year, I vowed never to use them again.
Guess what my New Year resolution is going to be this year?

  spuds 12:01 11 Dec 2004

It as always been a problem with Savapoint of Burton upon Trent and their customer service, not the best by any means.I used them a couple of times via the Tiscali bonus loyalty scheme, but in the end it was not worth the hassle or loyalty reward. The 'free' item was never 'free' when the expensive post and package charges were taken into consideration.Another point was their on-line ordering and their 'secure' site,which needed consideration, whether there as been improvements here I haven't bothered to find out, but I would suggest that you checked before placing any orders via this method.

  Bellboy 16:09 11 Dec 2004

Hi Spud
Is it not surprising that Tiscali are involved with them at all?

  Bellboy 16:55 14 Dec 2004

Still no response from Saveapoint.

  GaT7 18:42 14 Dec 2004

Try calling them on 0870 200 5600 - Monday to Friday 9.30am-5.00pm. "What do I do if I have a problem with the goods? In the first instance, please contact the numbers provided above remembering to have your PC specifications to hand. We will try and deal with your issue within 48 hours." - click here

Also see click here.

I asked them something in September 2003 (yes, 15 months ago!) & they still haven't gotten back. It was about some items with the Tiscali loyalty scheme, as spuds mentions. On one previous occasion I used them they were acceptable. I haven't given them another chance to disappoint me. G

  Bellboy 20:09 14 Dec 2004

My previous problem was late software. After a couple of phone calls I was told that a second copy would be sent - two weeks later, nobody knew of this agreement. As Spud said, thy are just not worth the hassle

  Bellboy 20:11 17 Dec 2004

Still no response from Saveapoint.

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