Savastore/Watford Electronics refund or NOT!!!

  [DELETED] 19:54 13 Oct 2003

Has anyone else had problems with Savastore - a Division of Watford Electronics?
I have just returned a Sapphire Video Card after some 3 mths of battling gremlins having built a computer from scratch. Calling savastores enquiry line only advised me that the graphics card was good and that I needed to change Op system from Win98 to XP. Needless to say that this did not resolve the display problems.
I pointed out to Savastore that similiar display problems had been experienced by many users of the same card and, eventually I found out that a possible batch of faulty memory was used on the card!?! - Grrrrgh!
Anyway having returned this card I have been given an automatic refund well below the original price I paid. I have read their return policy and by what I read I am intitled to the full amount +P&P!!!
Anyone else had the same problem?
Is this a trait of Savastore?
Take heed anyone about to order from Savastore.

One never knows, Savastore may have made a simple clerical error and all will be resolved in the Morning - I hope.

Keep ya posted, Lance

  spuds 23:45 13 Oct 2003

This company as been mentioned before in these forums, for their customer care. A search may bring up some facts.

If you were entitled to a full refund,and you have not received this. Then I would take the matter further with the company, or consult your local trading standards department, for their advice.

  Forum Editor 23:45 13 Oct 2003

(and from what you say it would seem that it was not) you are indeed entitled to a full refund.

  [DELETED] 23:55 14 Oct 2003

Thanks guys for the response!
As the title is, I am still looking into it.

Spuds - I am asking the company to look again, but as you know these things take time, but I will keep you guy's posted.

Forum Editor - Is there any chance that the guy's you work with could back me up on the bad side of the Atlantis Pro 9700? I mean sift the internet and see the the reports of bad memory etc... What's worse is you guy's recommended the card, and by the way I am not blaming you!?! But that is exactly what my problem boils down to, big company small user! - Need I say more? I am just looking for advice.

Thanks again, anyone else got anything to say?
TC, Lance

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