and watford electronics

  Chris12345 01:26 26 Apr 2004

Has anyone bought anything from, the division of watford electronics? I'm thinking of buying a base unit pc from there. What is the customer service like? Do they have a good reputation?


  carver 07:10 26 Apr 2004

The after sales support is a bit lacking but they do sell decent equipment, I've bought stuff from them and the returns policy is somewhat difficult to say the least. Them again you will have other people who will say they are great, it's really your decision as to buy from them or not. The only thing you have to make sure about is that you pay by Credit card.

  [email protected] 07:39 26 Apr 2004

I bought a base unit from them for me mum a couple of years ago, no problems and its still going strong.

I think the "use a credit card" is good advice when buying from any online company.

I have also heard good things about base units!

  Mike D 08:08 26 Apr 2004

Ibought a second HDD from them in Februsary. I thought it was DOA (my mistake, it now works fine)and whilst I did not hae to resort to returning it, I got a very prompt reply, by e-mail, with Returns Authority and Reply Paid label. I have no doubt, based on past dealings that, if I had been forced to return the Disk, all would have been OK.


  spuds 10:15 26 Apr 2004

I get their weekly offers newsletter, and some fair offers are often available. I made a purchase recently with no problems at all, but other people have posted within the forum, various returns problem issues, so I think it is a case of test the water and see.

  Talented Monkey 13:13 26 Apr 2004

I have purchased many items from them, and had no problems what so ever.

All businesses will have the inevitable hiccup with customers, such as payments and orders gone missing, damaged or faulty or wrong goods despatched and so on.

This day and age people have zero tolerance with most things, therefore when something does go wrong people will rant and moan, call the company lots of nasty names and demand the managing director be publicly flogged, all because they received a slightly different mouse to the £5 mouse they ordered . They then come onto these forums and vent their anger on here, giving a false impression about that company.

You have to remember that these companies probably send out hundreds if not thousands of orders a day, If the company really was a bad one then there would be thousnads of complaints instead of the handful we see, not forgetting that the company would soon go broke.

Savastore/Watford Electronics have been around for years and will be for foreseeable future. GO ahead and purchase you item from them!

  arricarry 15:11 26 Apr 2004

I bet if you returned an item and then Savastore deny ever receiving it back and then tell you "There is nothing we can do," your attitude may be a tad different. However we all have a right to buy where we like I suppose, I just get a bit fed up with the "Its never happened to me" brigade. It does happen and people get annoyed, this is not just a Savastore problem, but they do use the post for returns and you have to make sure that the return is well receipted at the Post Office, they also prefer to use E-mail as their method of correspondence. I personally prefer to talk to an advisor and use companies that will pick up your return by courier, if required.

  Forum Editor 18:52 26 Apr 2004

is almost always in the majority arricarry, and it's no good getting fed up with them just because you might have had a bad experience yourself. Perhaps they get fed up, just hearing about that over and over again. Of course your attitude will be different of you have a bad experience, and of course you're entitled to feel annoyed, but the fact is that most people do not have any allow them to say so. That's what Chris12345 wants to know.

  paxo2 19:15 26 Apr 2004

Already posted on similar here

  NGE 19:17 26 Apr 2004

i have bought most of my first pc build from there. All worked fine except for a graphics card which they happily swapped for another one. Will buy from them again.

  arricarry 19:25 26 Apr 2004

well now he knows, both the ups and the downs, so he can make up his own mind.

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