Savastore, Amtrak, ViewSonic.

  [DELETED] 20:22 03 Mar 2006

I phoned Savastore yesterday afternoon about 3.30pm to inquire about the availability of a ViewSonic VP930 monitor , i was told they were in stock and could be shipped immediately on over night delivery, i thought "bonus" and ordered one.

After this i went to Savastores site and registered, unfortunately my phone sale did not show up and i wondered which company would be delivering in case i needed to contact them, so at about 7.30pm i phoned Savastore again and was informed Amtrak would be the courier and sorry but my phone sale would not show up online but if i had any more queries to phone back, all very polite and helpful.

So jump to lunch time today and the Amtrak van pulls up at the end of my drive, the driver insists on carrying my package to the door (no i`m not frail) , signed for it and got around to unpacking it.

I have never owned a TFT/LCD before but have used plenty, and i have to say this one is the best so far, i had looked at several monitors that have been recommended here and listened to what others have said, djohn explained a lot in this thread click here

Anyway sorry this isnt a tale of woe, doom or gloom, it is the nature of tech forums to get swamped with moans and groans (i`m not saying thats wrong), i just thought i`d add a little bit of Yay ! Well Done ! for a change.

Well done Savastore and Amtrak for the prompt and courteous service , and finally Viewsonic for a very nice bit of kit, i have staved off buying a replacement to an aging CRT for a long time, at the same time i have been using a Mitsubishi Diamond pro2 on another machine and did not think i would get anything LCD wise to come close to it, well i have now.

  [DELETED] 20:28 03 Mar 2006

I was only to pleased to help mate. ;o)

Cycoze bought the same monitor as I did and from the same supplier. I'm as pleased as he is even after 4 months of use. Outstanding professional monitor from Viewsonic with excellent service from Savastore and the courier.

Looks like two very happy customers. ;o)

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