Bellboy 11:00 19 Aug 2003

Is anyone else having trouble with Savapoint, Burton-on-Trent?
Are they owned by Tiscali?
Tiscali offer Loyalty gift through them, they say on acknowledgement that all goods will be despatched within 14 days and delivery has never been on time.
I ordered software (not Tiscali deal) over a month ago.
Have been told:
Was out of stock - now despatched.(three weeks ago)
To be patient - second class post. (two weeks ago)
Promised that second copy will be sent (One week ago - phonecall today tells me that there is no record of that promise.

They take 48hrs to acknowledge e-mails, promising to reply within 48hrs and never do.

Four phone calls later, I have paid for the goods and only have another promise of a second copy, sent second class.
Apart from never ordering from them again, what can I do?
David Belbin.

  spuds 22:30 19 Aug 2003

If you have a problem with the Tiscali/Savapoint loyalty deal, why not contact Tiscali, if you cannot get any joy from Savapoint. I have ordered items in the past, and have had slow and confused deliveries.The shortest time delivery was 6 days, and the longest was just over 4 weeks.Of the freebie offers, which you pay an handling fee for each item, I find that some of the items can be good value, even though they maybe outdated.I also think their insecure online ordering process a little doubtfull.

Strange as it may seem, I have a order list which I selected some special offers over the weekend.Still cannot make up my mind whether to fax it in!.

  Bellboy 00:08 20 Aug 2003

>why not contact Tiscali<
Tiscali are not the easiest people to get a response from either.
The loyalty deal can't be bad - Usually a DVD for £2.99. (Films I probably would'nt watch on TV though.)
I just hope that I get my Norton Systemworks and call it quits.

  Bellboy 17:11 27 Aug 2003

Finally arrived after 6 Weeks.

  spuds 23:09 27 Aug 2003

Better late than never(;o))

  prima12 20:03 01 Apr 2004

It makes you wonder why it takes anything from 2 to 6 weeks for delivery from somewhere in the UK, when you can order CD's and DVD's from CD WOW and they take 3 to 4 days, and they come from HongKong.

  FEEBS 15:22 02 Apr 2004

I've been waiting since 17th Feb for some DVD's and my freebie from Tiscali. Tiscali say they can't help, Savapoint are less than useless in every thing except excuses. Softpoint Multimedia who take your money is at the same address in B-on-T. I even wrote to the MD who didn't even have the manners to reply. There is a third company involved - Worldpay -they don't want to know either as they only collect the money on behalf of Softpoint. It's a very unprofessional way to conduct business and I shan't deal again. I've written to PCAdvisor consumerwatch but not had a response yet. My next step will be to the oOffice of Fair Trading . Don't forget the law stares that mail order goods are to be delivered withion 28 days. It sounds like a well organised scam to me and how Tiscali can get away with saying it's nothing to do with them is beyond belief. Hope our luck changes.

Candle Sticks.
I have still not received my order. So what's new if your dealing with Savapoint.
I have also suggested to Savapoint that they are running a Scam which my be close to Fraud. No reponse!
I have also sent the details to BBC Watchdog program, but so far no response. I think they need more people to complain to them before they ger involved.
Savapoint must be stopped from their bad trading methods.
Any more aggieved cutomers please join in.

  FEEBS 11:30 09 Apr 2004

8 weeks after my order the goods have finally arrived - yippee! cost of phone calls etc rediculous. Won't deal again!

  Forum Editor 13:37 09 Apr 2004

is one thing - and in this case would certainly seem to me to be justified, based on what you've said.

Comments about a "well organised scam" and "a Scam which my(sic) be close to Fraud" are not appropriate here, and cannot be justified. If you can't justify that sort of allegation it's a libel, and we don't permit libellous accusations in this forum.

I'll delete any further comments of that nature.

  freddydream 19:23 11 Sep 2004

i,m joining on this one about savapoint
i,v sent for a dvd operation delta force.and a pc game quake 2 on the 7th aug 04 .still waiting
emailed customer services no responce
telephoned them ,no chance managed to get
through on the 31st aug man says they have been
moving offices (oh yea)will be despached as soon as possible. still waiting i have purchased
dvd ,s before from savapoint and i have never
had problems before until now.this is last time
i could have ordered goods at £599 not £5. 99p

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