Satelitte Navigation Systems

  Cook2 12:35 28 Nov 2004

I've just seen a Medion MDPPC250 PocketPC GPS Bundle for £300 at Halfords, down from £400.

Has anyone experience of Sat. Nav.?

Have you any advice on the above kit or is there something better for the money?

I basically need something which will talk me through the route and redirect should I go wrong.

Is there an annual fee of some kind for use of the satellite?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


  Cook2 00:57 29 Nov 2004

ßéLâ the Tomtom and similar look very good but I'd have to get a pocket PC and have a limited budget.

Wilham, it doesn't look like Aldi have any at the moment. (My luck eh?).

I've also seen similar to the Medion MDPPC250 on the Novatech site at £300.

Basically I want A to B with re-routing if I deviate and voice instructions. I'm not worried about places of interest and the like but if Europe, especially France, is included, it would be a bonus.

  Cook2 20:09 29 Nov 2004

Thanks for the link ßéLâ, now to go through all those mentioned so far and make a decision.

Thanks everyone for your help. I'll tick as resolved.


  anchor 09:47 30 Nov 2004

Have a look here:

click here

I use an Ipaq with TomTom3; excellent. If you deviate from the set route it immediately recalculates a new one. It will speak to you so you don't need to take your eyes off the road.

As regards France, these maps cost extra. I did a 2500 mile tour of France this summer and never used a paper map.

  accord 06:00 02 Dec 2004

same as anchor apart from the trip to france, does a trip from reading to andover via swindon and hungerford count???

Best piece of geekyness i have ever bought.

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