Satelite Navigation safety

  Fordy 12:28 16 Apr 2004

Having reached the age when I go into the kitchen and then wonder what I had gone in for, I thought satelite navigation in the car would be a great idea.
BUT on reading the Owners Guide on my brand new car (nothing exotic - just a Ford focus) it says...

"By operating other electronic equiptment (e.g. mobile telephone without exterior aerial) electromagnetic fields can occur which can cause malfunctions of the vehicle electronics."

Well if a simple mobile phone can have an adverse affect on the car, how safe can it be to have a PDA with Navman/Tomtom running continuously?

  AlanHo 23:47 16 Apr 2004

A mobile phone radiates energy which could disturb adjacent electronic equipment.

A GPS sat-nav unit simply accepts satellite signals and does not radiate energy - hence cannot disturb the car electronics.

  anchor 08:45 17 Apr 2004

AlanHo has answered your question. I use my Tom-Tom navigator with no problems.

I have a BMW with more electronics in it than you can shake a stick at. Neither a mobile phone, (without exterior aerial), nor the Tom-Tom, have ever caused difficulties.

  Forum Editor 10:05 17 Apr 2004

For Volvo - I think car manufacturers are necessarily cautious, but the makers of all electronice equipment know that mobile phones are everywhere. They're radio transceivers and as such are under suspicion when things go wrong, but I've never had a problem and I often use the phone in the car with a Bluetooth headset.

  Sir Radfordin 11:55 17 Apr 2004

There has been a fair bit about this in the computer press recently (Computer Weekly...and the other one!) with several people putting forward the argument that mobile phones are actually safe to use on planes.

It is no doubt put in the manual as a 'cover-all' disclaimer. Should anything happen (most likely by fluke) Ford could cover themsevles.

  Forum Editor 12:21 17 Apr 2004

is a 747 captain with one of the major airlines, and he told me that he reckons mobile phones are perfectly safe on modern fly-by-wire aircraft. The problem is that if the airlines permitted the use of phones the relative peace of the aircraft would be shattered - imagine a few hundred people making and receiving calls in a confined space. I travel on aircraft a fair bit, and there's nothing I like better than boarding a long haul flight to say Singapore, knowing I have around 12 hours of guaranteed 'out of contact' time. I hope phone use is permanently banned on all flights.

  S5W 19:02 17 Apr 2004 spoilsport :-))

  Fordy 20:31 17 Apr 2004

I think I will take the plunge

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