Sata data connections

  natdoor 09:17 28 Jul 2011

I wonder if I am alone in experiencing problems with Sata connectors. On at least three occasions I have experienced boot failure because of poor connection to the HDD and yesterday my DVD writer did not function. The DVD is fairly new and so are the cables. The desktop has not been disturbed to cause these problems other than normal insertion of USB devices into front ports. When fully inserted it is possible to wiggle the connector from side to side and it merely takes a judiciuos lateral adjustment to solve the problem. I am minded to insert a wood shaving to assist in holding the connector firm. I must say that, for such an ubiquitous item, one would have heard comments relating to this if this were a common problem. However, considering that my cables and devices have not had undue wear, I feel that the problem can only be an indication of poor design of the connection system.

  wiz-king 10:39 28 Jul 2011

That may be why I see computers with silicon 'jelly' on the connectors.

  natdoor 12:56 28 Jul 2011

wiz-king, are you saying that it should be standard practice to use silicon 'jelly' or making a comment bssed on a few personal observations? If the former, I was unaware of it. I would think that a solid sliver inserted at one side would be better. One is often advised to reseat graphic cards, PCI cards etc. but I have never seen anyone suggest checking Sata connections which, in my experience, are much more likely to cause problems.

  wiz-king 13:51 28 Jul 2011

On our instruments we used to use a touch of [link text] on all internal plugs an sockets, but it is costly and computer manufactures dont ofen use it. I have seen it on several laptops lately though. Mind you dismantalling is made very hard!

  wiz-king 13:57 28 Jul 2011

link text Link did not work

  interzone55 16:20 28 Jul 2011

We often used to use a blob of glue from a hot glue gun to seal IDE connections in place, and a couple of blobs either side on larger graphics cards. Stopped them shifting in transit.

The beauty of the glue from hot glue guns is that it could just be snapped off if you wanted to remove the card or plug.

  rdave13 19:01 28 Jul 2011

Found that out the hard way and only buy 'latching lock' type of cables now.

  Colin 20:07 28 Jul 2011

I built the PC I’m using now over 3 years ago and even though it has been hauled around the house, opened up to change the graphics card, clean the fans etc., I’ve never had need to check on the SATA connectors.

  natdoor 20:35 28 Jul 2011

Thank you all for your comments. It appears that the problem is quite widely recognised, as evidenced by the availabilty of latching cables which were unknown to me, but has not generated the publicity which one might expect. I hope that you remain trouble free, Colin.

  morddwyd 21:02 28 Jul 2011

Like Colin, self build, well over three years.

Never had a problem despite quite a lot of tweaking and messing about inside the case.

  Forum Editor 22:58 28 Jul 2011

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