Sat Nav which one please

  iqs 19:44 17 Nov 2008

Sorry for posting a thread regarding Sat Nav,but can you recommend a make and model please.
I'm looking for one mainly for UK roads,and more importantly those pesky speed cameras .


  OhBeardedOne 08:14 18 Nov 2008

I've been very impressed with my Mio. The model I've got has now been superseded, but have a look at their website click here

  The Kestrel 11:44 18 Nov 2008

I have a Tom Tom 1 which I have been very pleased with. It does include the locations of fixed speed cameras, but will not detect movable types. My version has both GB, Ireland and Western European maps and costs a little more than the GB & Ireland only version.

  anchor 13:17 18 Nov 2008

It is generally agree that TomTom are probably the best.

I suggest you consider the TomTom XL regional for the UK. This currently comes with 12 month free breakdown assistance.

click here

It comes with some speed camera installed, but to get full coverage, and updates, a subscription is necessary. TomTom have such a service, or, the one from PocketGPSworld is highly regarded.

click here

  iqs 13:51 18 Nov 2008

I would like a Sat Nav which if possible has free camera updates,and maps for at least a year,some I have seen only offer 1 month for example.

Cheers for your suggestions.

  wee eddie 14:26 18 Nov 2008

Updates are the main source of income for the Brand Owners, a bit like Printer ink!

The only thing that I can add is that the bigger the screen the easier to use.

I have a TomTom One XL and it is very satisfactory. As most of us only have the one machine, we are rarely able to give a balanced view.

  anchor 17:12 18 Nov 2008

"I would like a Sat Nav which if possible has free camera updates, and maps for at least a year".

So would I, and everyone else!!. Unfortunately, pigs will fly before that happens.

  tullie 17:25 18 Nov 2008

I am happy with my tomtom one,but screen size is uninportant,you shouldent be looking at it.

  wee eddie 18:06 18 Nov 2008

I was really thinking of the size of the Keys ~ for ease of entering your destination.

  john 52 19:19 18 Nov 2008

Tomtom and Garmin are recognized as the leading sat navs if you chose between these two you will not go wrong.

Regarding speed cameras as a previous poster has said the Pocketgps are really the best speed camera data base you can have and at £19 a year it is reasonable ,also if you submit a speed camera or a change to one which is not on there data base you get fee life membership.
I have compared the Tomtom cameras against the pocketgps and the pocketgps is so much more accurate.

One thing about Tomtom they update old models with newer software that comes out from there newer models.

If you look at pocketgps there forum is very good and there lots of gps reviews on there

If you can get hold of a tomtom 520 as they are a previous model you may get one cheap .

Below are some links to compare sat navs prices

click here

click here

click here

  iqs 22:38 18 Nov 2008

Hello and thanks for all the help.I will probably go for a Tom Tom Sat Nav,they seem to be about the best,going buy the reviews.
Time to decide on a model,cheers again

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