Sat Nav with Speed Camera Detector

  Colin 11:42 24 Sep 2006

Can anyone recommend a Sat Nav unit that also has a speed camera detector? I have spent most of yesterday looking up products that have this, but am becoming a bit baffled. I currently have a TOM Tom One that I want to give to my son, so would like to replace mine with another Tom Tom as it has been very good, but can't see on they do with a speed camera detector, unless I pay a subscription. I am looking for one that displays the map and speed cameras and road speed all at the same time.


  hzhzhzhz 11:47 24 Sep 2006

There is a new breed of speed camera being used in our area, carried by a motorcycle officer. The aim is to park up beyond fixed cameras in order to catch drivers who think they can then speed up.

  Confab 12:22 24 Sep 2006

I've got a TomTom 510. According to TomToms website you can dowload the safety cameras once without paying a subscription but then have to pay €39.95 for further downloads. What it doesn’t seem to clarify is whether this is a one off payment or yearly subscription.

  Colin 12:29 24 Sep 2006

Thanks, Confab. That's where I got confused as well. I have looked at the Road Angel Navigator 7000 which seems to do what I want, but seems very cheap. i.e. a lot cheaper than some Sat Nav only devices. I'll probably pop into my local Halfords - god help me!

  Ikelos 13:42 24 Sep 2006

to install the "safety" camera database only costs £2 onto your tom-tom , cheap at half the price.. and you will only need to do it once every so often...

  Colin 13:44 24 Sep 2006

Ikelos, does the Tom-Tom then alert you as you come towards a speed camera or does it just list them? From what I can tell from the Road Angel Navigator, it tells you your current speed and the speed limit of the road.

  Ikelos 13:56 24 Sep 2006

hi, it alerts you when you get near it,which is setable, either just one one side of the road or both..

  Colin 14:33 24 Sep 2006

Thanks, Ikelos. I'll check them both out.

  terryf 14:35 24 Sep 2006

But what about the clever so and so's who operate from a van parked on the blind side of a hill but not always in the same place at the end of a 2 lane each way dual carriageway

  puma22 14:35 24 Sep 2006

Hi, I have tomtom 5 which i run from my PDA. The camera database i use is click here It costs £20 per year, but if you upload new cmeras to them you get it free (cant seem to do this with my current setup so have to pay).

  Confab 20:37 24 Sep 2006

Where can you get the safety cams for £2?

Colin - The safety cams appear as a point of interest on the display as you get near to them, You can also set up an audible warning so that your TomTom shouts at you when one is near.


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