Sat Nav, Need some advice

  User-312386 20:23 31 May 2006

Good evening all

I need some advice on buying a Sat Nav system. I have £300 to spend. I haven't a clue where to start so can so i need advise from people who use them.

The criteria is, it has to have a sucker to go on the screen.
The actual system needs to be taken out easily as i am in and out of my car at least 8 times a day and i don't want it stolen.
It has to do 7 digit postcodes.

Thanks in advance for your help


  alB 20:49 31 May 2006

Then look no further than the Tom Tom One, a cracking little unit that will do all you want and more... alB click here

  User-312386 21:29 31 May 2006

thanks for that

Does the Tom Tom one have a sucker to the screen mount?

  VNAM75 21:31 31 May 2006

Does all that and very good value for money, at £230. Signal strength is better than the more expensive 300, 500 and 700.

  User-312386 21:33 31 May 2006

thanks for your 2 advice

will go for that unless someone else comes up with anything different

Just seen a picture of the Tom Tom one and it does come with a screen sucker

  Monoux 21:44 31 May 2006

Beware -- There was a thread a few days ago warning about thieves looking for the tell tale marks left by the suckers used to fix Sat Nav gadgets to windsreens then breaking into the car to look for the Sat Nav itself. Even if you remove the Sat Nav whenever you leave the vehicle a lot of damage can be caused by the break in itself

  User-312386 21:59 31 May 2006

Thanks for that

It wont sucker to the dashboard though, so where does one sucker it? Or is there and alternative?

  alB 22:22 31 May 2006

It's really meant to be suckered onto the windscreen but I think there is an alternate mount kit available that will give other options, If I'm using mine on short journeys I just put it on the passenger seat, works just as well...alB

  alB 22:24 31 May 2006
  User-312386 22:28 31 May 2006

I work in and around London and carry out around 8-9 calls a day (i am an insurance assessor) and i want to know with sat nav can you plan your entire days journey on it. i.e. If i want to go to 8 different postcodes, can i input them all in, before i leave home, so i go to each one step by step?

Sorry about all the questions, but as i said i know absolutely nothing about sat nav

  spuds 22:35 31 May 2006

Sat Nav thefts from vehicles are increasing, according to the latest police and insurance reports. As Monoux as stated, the thieves are looking more for tell tale signs, like sucker imprints on windscreen glass. Best to ask the retailer about latest fixing suggestions.

The Tom Tom One is a very good unit, and worthy of serious consideration. Nip down to somewhere like Halfords, they may have a demo unit set-up for you to look at. But would advice, Halfords are not the cheapest place, consider looking for cheaper outlets when you finally decide to make a purchase.

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