Sat Nav App required for Nexus 7

  CoolDriver 16:34 07 Aug 2012

Ok, this is a tough one which I hope someone will have an answer. I require a Sat Nav app to be installed on the Nexus 7 tablet. (Taking note that there is no external comms whist tablet is in car. i.e. no Sim card but has GPS. Has Wi-Fi to install App & updates etc.) My requirements are as follows: 1. To be able to store 2000+ favourite locations. 2. Ease of saving a location. On CoPilot or my Garmin Sat Nav unit you touch the vehicle on the map & you are offered to save the location immediately. BTW. Tom Tom can't do it this easy. 3. POI. When looking for nearby petrol stations they should be listed with the brand name, i.e. BP, Shell etc. BTW Again this is something Tom Tom doesn't do. 4. Speed Camera database to be included. 5. Calculate a route with multiple locations, given a starting point and a destination point. Then able to either optimize the route for shortest time or distance. 6. And lastly, but not too critical, to have 'Avoidances' such as U-Turns, Motorways etc.

There we have it. Probably not possible to find such a program but maybe Iv'e missed it. I have found that CoPilot is the nearest but amazingly it can only save up to 150 favourites. Apart from that it satisfies every criteria.

  morddwyd 19:58 07 Aug 2012

Sygic is good, uses TomTom maps.

Don't know if it fits all your requirements though.

I prefer it to both Co-Pilot and Havigon.

  sunnystaines 08:51 12 Aug 2012


your sygic looks good does it have a poi for bluebadge parking?

been trying out google navigator, it not very good at going the quickest route, pity google navigator does not have optional poi's like speed cameras

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