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  charlton200 20:02 07 Nov 2008

I am totally new to Sat nav's.
I have now decided to get one, my requirements are UK only and the larger screen; I think it is 4.3; and the mobile type not the fixed; and not over £150.
I would like any advice on what make; what model. This would be very helpful.

Just out of interest how much do the updates cost. I know they could vary, so just roughly would do.

Many thanks.

  rdave13 21:15 07 Nov 2008

I use TomTom one v3 (small screen). Eyesight not 100% but good image to read info; just like looking at rear view mirror when you get used to it.
Updated maps after two years for an 'offer' price of £35. Get 12 months 'Map Share' corrections afterwards. Search TomTom's site. Recommended.

  ray7 21:38 07 Nov 2008

Agree with rdave but go for the One XL. Larger screen. £115 at Amazon

  charlton200 07:40 08 Nov 2008

Thank you I will have a look now.

  anchor 17:06 08 Nov 2008

I agree that the TomTom XL regional would be ideal for you. It is generally agreed that TomTom are probably the best.

click here

Get the new version 2 from Amazon. £129 including delivery.

click here

As regards maps; TomTom offer a free map upgrade in the first 30 days of use. Wait until the 3rd week before accessing the map upgrade feature of TomTom Home, (their web updating service).

Personally, I would not bother getting later maps, (unless you keep it for a long time).

Mapshare is available for a year, which is useful. You also get a basic set of traffic cameras with it, but updates cost extra.

  charlton200 18:05 08 Nov 2008

Thanks for the info,

What is ment by mapshare?

  Dizzy Bob 18:37 08 Nov 2008

I believe that TomTom are justr about to launch a new range for xmas.

You may want to wait a week or so if that is practical to see if the price drops on the older models. (or if the new models suit better)



  rdave13 18:41 08 Nov 2008

Map share, click here

  Cymro. 10:34 09 Nov 2008

Don`t make the same mistake that I did when I tried to make the first free update, the one you get when you first buy a TomTom. The offer of a free update only lasts for thirty days after purchase.

I was well over the thirty days so my update number that you get with the TomTom was out of date. I had to get on the TomTom helpline to get a new number.

The TomTom helpline were very good about it and Emailed me a new update number free of charge, but it is a hassle you can do without so remember to use the free update within the first thirty days.

  anchor 15:21 11 Nov 2008

Yes, TomTom are about/or just have introduced new models; the 740 Live and 940 Live.

"Live" is an expensive system that collects traffic data from a mobile phone network, and would cost an extra 120€/year, (about £100).

I don`t think these would be of any interest to you as they are the very expensive end of the market; between £300 & £400. I think it most unlikely that these models will have any effect on the lower end of the market.

  charlton200 16:00 11 Nov 2008

If I buy a tom tom or a garmin, one question I would like to know,with both system if Possible.

I go to a lot of places out the way in the countryside.
I can see the places on a normal map but they are perhaps 5 miles from the nearest village.
So, if I don't know the postcode or the address/road how do I get the sat nav to get me there?


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