samsung warranty

  inapot69 15:32 02 May 2011

in Nov 10 i bought a Samsung galaxy Spica while on holiday in Thailand, it was from a large reputable department store..not off a market stall somewhere.. when i got home i found it will not transfer data, pics, music or anything to and from my PC. i contacted Samsung as it was still in warranty in March...only to be told that Samsung UK will not honor warranties on mobiles brought abroad,they in turn gave me the link to Samsung Thailand, who said i must take it to the Samsung in my country of residence...this has gone on for one will honor the does not state anywhere in the warranty or on the packaging that it will not be covered if taken from country of purchase... i thought a global company like Samsung would cover its product "globally" sadly this is wrong... so i urge everyone to avoid buying samsung electronic products on holiday,,,when they get home, the warranties are not worth the paper they are written on... i will never be buying a Samsung product again i have even requested the contact details of the head of Samsung customer services so i can point out to him directly, that each branch of their company is treating their customers, worldwide with contempt...and guess what ...i am still waiting for an answer

  proudfoot 17:14 02 May 2011

Sadly your rights are limited. In the UK to the seller is responsible not the manufacturer. Samsung are quite correct in your case, this is the problem with buying outside the EEC.

  Woolwell 17:35 02 May 2011

It is not just Samsung eg a Nikon camera bought in the USA doesn't have the same warranty as in UK. It could be repaired free if sent to the USA.

Are you using the Kies software?

  wee eddie 18:15 02 May 2011

inapot69: Unless you took out a World-Wide Warranty Insurance Policy, every Manufacturer would tell you the same thing. Your beef is with the Seller not the Manufacturer.

  Rayuk 18:22 02 May 2011

Mentions near the bottom that if bought outside of Europe a repair may be possible but not guaranteed.Point them to this link if need be.

  inapot69 13:07 04 May 2011

thanks for all ur advice and explanations. still think its wrong and petty though. Oh, Rayuk, thanks, have sent them another e-mail pointing that point out, fingers crossed.

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