Samsung SM192V 19" TFT Should I buy one?

  Sturmey 20:36 31 Jul 2004


A friend is selling a Samsung SM192V 19" TFT above monitor he wants £270 for it, I know nothing about Samsung monitors or TFT's, at the moment I'm using a 22" Mitsubishi 2070SB CRT, I'd like a TFT purely becuase I think TFT's look better on your desk.

I dont play games but I do spend a lot of time looking ay my monitor so I want something of good quality.

  Charence 20:48 31 Jul 2004

That's a good price. Is it damaged in any way? If not go for it! Samsung monitors are very good quality so it would be a good buy.


  Sturmey 21:02 31 Jul 2004

No it's not damaged, it has a scratch on the base, but thats all.

  Charence 21:04 31 Jul 2004

as I mentioned then, it is a very good deal!

  Sturmey 21:08 31 Jul 2004

Cool, thanks.

  terryr48 23:18 31 Jul 2004

My laptop is a samsung and the screen is better than a lot of others

  anchor 13:05 01 Aug 2004

I have a Samsung 191T, and the picture is really excellent!!.

I do a lot of photo work, and when buying compared it to an similar Ilyama. I thought the Samsung won hands down. I don`t know how it performs when playing games, as I have never tried.

Samsung give a 3 year warranty, so try to get the original receipt.

  LAP 20:53 01 Aug 2004

Likewise I have a Samsung 191T and it's booooooooooootiful!

  Sturmey 21:47 01 Aug 2004

So would you say you can look at the samsung tft monitor for long periods of time without eyestrain?

  terryr48 23:27 01 Aug 2004

Even a 15" laptop screen and my eyes arn't the best

  anchor 08:56 02 Aug 2004

I stare at my Samsung for long periods when working on my photos. Never had any problems, and my eyes are not as young as they used to be.

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