Samsung reliability and poor customer relations

  peterleemaxwell 18:23 13 Sep 2008

Some may have had no problem with Samsung and completely satisfied but here is my story.
I have been a very loyal customer with the brand of Samsung. This is reflected by the products I have purchased namely my television (2), VHS and DVD recorder, two mobile phones, two digital cameras. All are Samsung.
When I bought my camera it was the best camera I had ever used. The model was a Digimax i5. A brilliant piece of design.
When my wife wanted a camera for her birthday because I had been using my own camera for a year with great results another Samsung was looked at. I purchased the L730. Another great piece of equipment. Within a month it broke down with a lens unit failing. This I sent at my own expense back for repair. (As directed via customer Services). It was returned. Then my camera went wrong. Again a lens error. I had registered via telephone when bought. The customer services had no record of this telephone registration. They would not repair my camera under warranty as with no record when purchased (I have no receipt) they would not repair. This has dented my confidence with your products.
How can UK Samsung treat loyal customers this way? I now feel a need to look at other producers. What a shame.

  PalaeoBill 19:16 13 Sep 2008

Have you tried contacting the retailer for a copy of the receipt, or asked Samsung to check the manufacturing date of the serial number.

  peterleemaxwell 19:48 13 Sep 2008

Thanks PalaeoBill,
I purchased as a reduced item from Jessops in our town. (There was a new one, the i6. As with all digital cameras new models replace old ones very quickly) They have since closed down and left the area. The camera, as Samsung informed me was manufactured in 10/2005. Whilst I could travel to the next Jessop shop (30miles) It just is a lot of messing about. I have learnt a couple of things. 1/. Never lose a receipt 2/.Why register a product with the firm and 3/.Never buy anything Samsung again. The reason I say this is there are better customer relations with other manufactures. (and there are some I suppose just as bad)
This was Samsung response:-

Thank you for your reply, having looked through your file, again I must reiterate that without a valid receipt the warranty of the camera would always start from the date of manufacture of the unit - 10/2005. This is the same for all our products whether registered or not, since registering the product can be done anytime (when you buy it or 2 years later) we cannot go by this alone.

  Dizzy Bob 19:53 13 Sep 2008

Can Jessops not supply you with a copy of the purchase receipt? ( i would guess not if you paid by cash)

If you paid by card, would the statement not provide proof of purchase?

If the item is in warranty, then you should pursue this with Jessops, who ae liable as the retailer.



  peterleemaxwell 20:11 13 Sep 2008

All good points Dizzy Bob. The retailer will only have a years warranty. Samsung have two years. It would seem good customer relations to fix the camera as can be seen when viewed I have done nothing in the way of damage to it and with being a lens problem it would appear to be reliability problem. The camera is in 'as new' condition'.

  karmgord 21:30 13 Sep 2008

did you pay by credit ard? if so check your statements,I always record important calls such as insurance,tax office etc,then encyrpt them

  tommo-1967 22:52 13 Sep 2008

Samsung customer service is very poor indeed. Some companies have bad service but will still try to help you out but not samsung! When samsung can't help you they don't even bother trying, they just ignore your phone calls and emails. Me and my family used to buy samsung goods until we found out how poor their service is. We were looking at buying a couple of samsung laptops for the kids but not now, we will be looking at dell or toshiba instead, we will never buy samsung again!!!!

  peterleemaxwell 14:45 14 Sep 2008

Thanks karmgord I am looking back through old credit card statements. (Just looked only saved for a year)
tommo-1967 with you 100% these companies should be taught that we, as customers are important. Just as important as the products. Thanks for your input. Made me feel it's not only me.

  peterleemaxwell 17:10 19 Oct 2008

Samsung mobile phone now packed up. Have to buy another-make, any other than SAMSUNG.

  iscanut 20:13 19 Oct 2008

My experience of Samsung is very good. Have a Samsung R700 laptop ( 6 months into warranty of 12 months collect and return) which failed recently with no screen display. Phoned the appropriate number, talked through the problem, identified as a Bios problem. Machine collected later same day ( Friday) and back with me Monday 1pm all working fine. Must have worked over the weekend so cannot fault the service.

  I am Spartacus 20:47 19 Oct 2008

Unfortunately it seems (in my case anyway) to depend who you get on the other end of your email.

Great service for a problem with my ML-2510 printer that was not feeding paper through correctly. New replacement printer with doorstep exchange within 3 days. I'm reluctant to name him because he'll probably get sacked for helping a customer.

Crap service for problems with my older ML-1610 printer which melted one of the covers and then started emitting smoke (11 months old). I got a total lack of interest from the seemingly sounding bored guy at the other end who told me to contact their service people

Stuck USB connector on my wifes MP3 player (1 day old) . Again told to contact their service people. Resolved by getting a replacement cable from Curry's.

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