Samsung R60+ Laptop DVD problems....

  Residual 12:43 19 Feb 2008

Dear all I recently purchased a R60+ laptop from I was overjoyed with the product, however when I tried playing DVD movies on the machine I ran into a problems.

The problem I'm experiencing is that the drive is able to read cds and dvds with programs on them. However when I try to play DVD movies the drive locks up just keeps on spinning. I cant eject the disc nor get into My Computer to see the DVD drive. The drive just whrrrzzz around at high speed. In the end I have to turn the machine off and reboot.
I have found that the DVD plays movies sometimes when I've placed a cd containing a program such as a game into a drive and then placed a movie DVD.

Could this problem be attributed to a faulty drive or driver conflict. Could anyoneplease help as this is really bugging me.


  Goliht 23:54 06 Mar 2008

Give samsung tech support a call. It is an interesting issue. Are the movies legit? Some opticals won't run some movies...HDCP for example..can cause some rightful issues. But if the discs are legit, this is certainly an issue you need to report to samsung.

Make sure you have your reciept, if possible a fax to send it in, and the disks you cannot use to hand, along with thier product descriptions, so that they can be matched for research into the issue itself.

You'll need the items Serial number and model code, which will be on the item itself as well.

You may be referred to a specific service centre to resolve this.

I hope this is sorted out for you.

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