Samsung Monitors.

  raygraphix 11:51 01 May 2003

Never ever buy samsung monitors.

They are cheap and cheerful...but in reality...their service is very bad.

They give you 3 years warranty on all their monitors and if anything goes wrong with the monitors, they expect you to wait for 3 weeks or 3 months.

Prevention is better than cure.
Please dont buy samsung stuff.


  Steve27 18:45 01 May 2003

Do you really think its on to issue such a blanket condemnation.

It would be helpful to prospective buyers and fairer to the firm in question to be given details of your problem, steps you have taken to obtain a resolution and the response you have recieved.

  saburini 15:49 02 May 2003

Please do not condemn Samsung monitors out of hand.They make thousands/millions of them and have very few complaints.
I have had 2 monitors, one 19",900sl+ and one
15" TFT, both are performing well after 4 years+
so it may be that you have had a bad deal,but you should take your complaint to the retailer if possible.

  raygraphix 07:28 03 May 2003

Thanks for your kind comments. Saburini.
I did call my local retailer who sold the monitor, but "They don't want to know": What they are saying is " Oh 3 years warranty with samsung , not with us:.

I know my local retailer weren't so helpful..but I will wait.

  saburini 16:06 06 May 2003

Here we go again on the Retailer/Manufacturer merry-go-round.I do not know of any retailer who does not pass the buck.Your contract of purchase however is with the Retailer and if the item is faulty it is their responsibility, for as long as it is reasonable for the product to perform satisfactorily.Please read other PC Advisor comments and the steps they have taken to recover their money back or other satisfactory action,especially from major PC Suppliers.

  davidg_richmond 18:07 06 May 2003

the sales of goods act states that the contract is with the retailer. fact.

so: why the merry-go-round! normally products that are faulty under guarantee are taken by the retailer and returned to the manufacturer for repair, then returned to the retailer and then returned to the customer. this is a time-consuming and inefficient process, as delays in the chain can cause major delays.

printer and monitor manufacturers tend to support the product themselves directly - their reasoning is that the goods are too costly or time-consuming to repair, so they prefer to go to the customer with a replacement product (though this is sometimes a refurbished product). sometimes a printer repairer will try to fix the problem onsite if it is a simple problem but with monitors this is just not possible. so a replacement is usually brought to the customer.

to be honest, and as i work for a retailer, i think it is fair on the customer to ask them to contact the manufacturer directly as the benefits are there for the customer.

but if the customer does not wish to contact the manufacturer or it is too costly or in some cases time-consuming to get through on the helplines, then i will take the customer's details and contact them myself and arrange a date for swap-over.

i think this is a good way to keep the customer happy if they object to calling the manufacturer and doesn't take much time to do. i would advise that anybody wishing to go via the retailer should ask for this as a matter of good customer service - the CS representative doesnt get an ear bashing either so it works both ways.

  raygraphix 19:52 06 May 2003

Thanks Davidg_Richmond for your comments, I agree with you.

The whole process is so simple.

Its just time wasting.
We spend more time wasting on getting the product(s)rather then using them.

Well, I can't complain:

But, One thing is for sure, I never go to my local retailer to buy anything from them:

I rather buy somewhere:

But, anywhere the matter should come to a conclusion by end of this week. I hope so. Thanks for everyone out there.

  Forum Editor 20:05 06 May 2003

We don't permit threads that exhort other forum users to boycott a manufacturer or a retailer. The reason's simple - one person's most hated company is another's favourite, and personal experiences are just that.

In this case I'm happy to be able to try to redress the balance because I am a dedicated Samsung monitor user. I've used their 21" models for years, and I love them. They certainly are not "cheap and cheerful". I've never had a bad one, and in fact I'm currently using a brand new one, purchase quite recently. Samsung are a respected company manufacturing superb products.

You've had a single bad experience, and as irritating as that undoubtedly is it doesn't entitle you to condemn the company out of hand.

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