Samsung Laptops and PCWorld

  Sir Radfordin 19:45 19 Nov 2003

Can anyone shed some light on this mystery:

Samsung list these models on their site:

X15 HVC 1500
Intel® Pentium M 1.5GHz processor
XP Pro
15.1" XGA (1024 x 768) TFT display
512MB PC-2100 DDR memory
40GB UDMA hard disk
2.3Kg weight
327.8 x 277.7 x 26.7 mm
(Best price found = £1,573.33)

X15 LVC 1400
Intel® Pentium M 1.4GHz processor
XP Pro
15.1" XGA (1024 x 768) TFT display
256MB PC-2100 DDR memory
30GB UDMA hard disk
2.3Kg weight
327.8 x 277.7 x 26.7 mm
(Best price found = £1,263.13)

However PC World list the following:

XP Home
15.1" XGA (1024 x 768) TFT display
512MB PC-2100 DDR memory
40GB UDMA hard disk
2.0kg weight
327.8 x 277.7 x 26.7 mm
(PC World Price = £1,399.99)

So why do PCWorld seem to have a model that is cheaper than anywhere else, weights .3kg less than others but has XP Home?

I will ask PCWorld about it when they are next open!

Does anyone know if you can get PCWorld to upgrade it to XPPro and not home?

Thanks :)

  Raywood 21:00 19 Nov 2003

May be PCWorld has exclusive rights to sell certain models in the UK?

  Raywood 21:03 19 Nov 2003

I doubt PCWorld will upgrade WinXP Home to Pro unless you buy the boxed upgrade pack.

  Sir Radfordin 22:03 19 Nov 2003

I know that PCW sell a HP printer (5650/5652) under a different model code to everyone else - but the lack of HVC or LVC is a little bit sneaky - specially as for what seems to be the same spec laptop as everywhere else bar the OS its .3kg lighter! Is XP Pro really that heavy ;)

They also list the X05 as only having 2.5 hours battery life whilst Samsung have it as 4.5 hours on their site. All seems to be a little bit odd.

All looks just a little bit odd to me! Why can't life be simple.

  davidg_richmond 22:21 19 Nov 2003

Sir Radfordin, the answer is that Samsung supply two different batteries - the 2.5 hour and 4.5 hour ones. PC World (and Dixons/Curry's) have gone with the slimline, .3Kg lighter, and shorter, battery.

My branch of Dixons also has a couple of XP Pro Samsung X10's about, but I think these are priced up at £1599 (minus manager's markdown discount as this model is clearance).

  Sir Radfordin 22:58 19 Nov 2003

So your saying that the X15 sold by PCW has a .3kg lighter battery than anywhere else (including Samsung) but the same battery lenght? Yet the X05 sold by PCW has a battery that lasts 2 hours less than anywhere else selling it.

So on one model you loose 2 hours in battery life but nothing in weight. On another you don't gain anything in spec or battery life but loose .3kg and pay less for having done so.

In my mind at least something still isn't adding up.

  Sir Radfordin 15:58 20 Nov 2003

Paid PCWorld a visit today and was told the following:

1) Samsung sell a model of the X15 to PCW that isn't sold to anyone else.

2) All the laptops that PCW sell nearly always have the standard battery and will not give you anything like the claimed battery life.

3) The weights on the POS material may well be wrong. I'm told that it (and the laptop) will be removed from sale for 24 hours and then correct information displayed.

Ah well...!

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