Samsung HDD/DVD 893M Faulty = Rights?

  Border View 10:46 02 Feb 2010

My brother bought a Samsung DVD-893M in mid December 2009 from Curry's. It has a hard drive and is supposed to record to the hard drive.

Problem is it forever freezing up and not working correctly.

He asks can he take it back to Currys ask for and receive a replacement or even his money back. Or will Curry's (or any other retailer in similar circumstances) be within their rights to say they will simply repair it. This machine is less than two months old but outside Curry's 28 days policy.

We would be really grateful for your advice. Thank you.

  MAJ 11:44 02 Feb 2010

As the DVD is less than six months old, the fault is assumed to have been there when bought. He is entitled to ask for a repair or replacement from Currys.

  Border View 11:48 02 Feb 2010

Many thanks for responding MAJ.

  Pamy 13:51 02 Feb 2010
  I am Spartacus 13:54 02 Feb 2010

I've got the same model and it's also freezing, back to Currys.

  Border View 14:32 02 Feb 2010

Many thanks for that information Pamy.

Just wondered if my brother could just ask for his money back.

  Border View 14:41 02 Feb 2010

Spoke to his wife, they dont want their money back they want a model that works. Not keen on going down the repair route.

I have suggested they either ask for a replacement or a different model with the value of their current model deducted from the purchase price.

I am Spartacus - can you let us know how you get on please.

  I am Spartacus 14:44 02 Feb 2010

Will do. I'm suffering from a chest infection at the moment so it may be next week before I get out.

I intend getting another make as a replacement. Any suggestions?

  Border View 14:50 02 Feb 2010

No suggestions from us just yet. Looking at the different reviews nothing jumps out at us. Would welcome other people's recommendations.

  Border View 14:50 02 Feb 2010

PS - I hope your chest infection gets better soon.

  Pamy 14:59 02 Feb 2010

I have always liked Panasonic models

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