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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) vs Blackberry Playbook

  climb45 21:41 03 Jul 2012

Anyone have advice to give on which is the best for viewing and editing Word and Excel documents and synchronizing these with a PC?

Also am I correct in thinking that the Blackberry Desktop software cannot be used to synchronize an Outlook calendar with the Playbook and that this can only be done via a Blackberry Smartphone.

Is it possible to sync an Outlook calendar with the Samsung Galaxy?

  wee eddie 21:47 03 Jul 2012

I will follow this one with interest, because I get the impression that it is impossible

  climb45 21:20 11 Jul 2012

This does seem rather a roundabout way to sync a calendar on my PC with a device attached to the same PC, but maybe this would currently be the best option.

Searching the Android and Blackberry app stores has come up with a couple of software titles, but they all seem to have as many negatiive as positive comments.

I must confess I am wary of storing full details of my whereabouts in the Cloud, but I'm probably amongst the minority!

Thanks anyway, acfc, for your informative response.

  Forum Editor 23:43 12 Jul 2012

"I must confess I am wary of storing full details of my whereabouts in the Cloud, but I'm probably amongst the minority!"

I doubt that, but it's an interesting subject. I think it's traditionally been the case that most people have been very wary of parting with personal information on the internet, but I sense a slight shift. Lots of people appear to be operating the 'triumph of hope over experience' policy of allowing their personal details to be stored on more and more servers. I meet people who tell me they go along with this because 'my details must be on so many databases by now, it's not worth bothering about'.

  climb45 15:24 13 Jul 2012

I work in a school which uses the Windows Live email system and email addresses have associated Sky Drive space. We have been advised not to save anything confidential within Sky Drive because it is not guaranteed to be secure. I doubt very much that the Google accounts are any better, which is part of the reason why I am hesitant about the Cloud.

Perhaps this subject would make an interesting PC Advisor poll.

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