Samsung DVD-R blank 4.7GB Discs

  SEASHANTY 11:42 16 Aug 2004

I have not seen these discs previously and as they are said to use the same dye as Verbatim - but are much cheaper. Anyone have any negative reports. Considering purchase for my domestic Panasonic recorder click here

  Stuartli 15:45 16 Aug 2004

Samsung, as far as I'm aware, doesn't manufacture such media and will therefore rebrand a media manufacturer's products under its own name.

It could well be Verbatim supplying the media and it's not unusual for rebranded products to be cheaper than the original brand...:-)

If you go to click here you'll find, under Quality on the left pane, details of who manufactures media and which companies rebrand it under their own name.

The reason is simple - no manufacturer can produce everything it sells and therefore it turns to a specialist for reasons already outlined.

In the case of Samsung I can give you one example. About 12 years ago we bought number two child (now an IT support specialist) a Samsung video camcorder on special offer for his 21st birthday.

To his surprise he discovered it was, in fact, a rebranded Sony model. As a Sony devotee he was naturally thrilled....:-)

  €dstowe 16:08 16 Aug 2004

In a similar way, Tesco and Sainsbury's don't manufacture anything. All products with their labels on are manufactured by other companies entirely - and those companies may be manufacturing for both supermarkets and more.

  SEASHANTY 16:50 16 Aug 2004

Not much info regarding Samsung DVD-R on the link as DVD not listed for Samsung. States Samsung CDR mfd by Ritek. Blankshop say Metal Azo dye which is used by Mitsubishi mfd Verbatim DVD-R. However found a US link which states Samsung DVD media retailed in USA via ZiREX Inc, which is joint partnership between Samsung and Ritek.
click here
Link to "specs" brings up "page not found" but I would guess that they aren't up to Verbatim quality.
The latter get a glowing report on this website
click here

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