Same PC from Mesh?

  ChrisPan 15:08 29 Aug 2003

I hope someone can help me with an on going issue.

I am currently trying to obtain a refund from mesh for a Faulty PC.

The crux of the issue is that I send my Box back to be replaced with a new one. Mesh had agreed to send me a new one.

A few days later the PC returned but still had some of the existing faults I had previously sent it back for. I checked the serial numbers and the uniques numbers on the badge on top of the box and all appear to be exactly the same???

My question is this. If I ask for a new PC in replacement for a damaged one (Which is my right as a consumer) and receive one should these serial numbers still be identical???

Basically I have entered into discussions with mesh about this PC being the original one but they have stated on this forum that they have definetly supplied me with a new one.

Does a new PC just mean some new parts or should I receive as I wanted a completely new systems and box???

My Issue was that after having three major faults with my PC in the first two days that it had been badly put together and beleived that a new PC was a good idea before more went wrong.

I just really need to confirm wether this can be a different box with the same serial number on the back and the same product key on the top of the box???

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