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  Giggle n' Bits 11:31 03 Sep 2006

looking at there site last night noticed the small red line of text at the top of their website due to comunication problems with their bank they are/were unable to accept online orders or Mail orders by phone.

Apparently spoke to them today they are open as normal but they could not confirm even though removing the red text notice that online or mail order sales could carried out. Speaking over the phone to them this was confirmed and they said due to credit card company problem crashing they couldn't make sales.

Also said that just try online and see what happens. Their sales team does not seem to know if online sales are possible themselves.

As a regular buyer from MD I have noticecd a large number of staffing swapping, lack of them and poor very poor customer sales. There isn't something just quite right going on here and I would make sure your buying oline using a protected card until something comes to light.

  BigRik 19:57 03 Sep 2006

I hope they're OK as well. Bought my new monitor from them back in January and it all went smooth as clockwork.

Like you, I would definitely buy from them again should the need arise.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:54 04 Sep 2006

I would definatley not be using them again as well as the above and the slack customer support and strange returns dept that they like to change there rules to suit not in conjunction with TS.

  BigRik 11:03 04 Sep 2006

I guess I read your original post wrong! Sorry. I thought you meant that once you knew what was happening you would use them again as you were a regular buyer from them.

As I said I would give them another go, but I too would withdraw my loyalty if I noticed a drop in the level of service I had come to expect.

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