Sale at DSG?

  harps1h 22:48 24 Dec 2008

I would be surprised if they can claim a sale. the television I bought from their Sprucefield store at £362 on December 8th is now priced in their sale at £399. What a Sale. Must get there on boxing day!!

  spuds 23:28 24 Dec 2008

A 'true' sale is a thing of the past, when Christmas or January Sales brought that little extra discount on a purchase. Its all sales nowadays, for one reason or another. Bit like the price tag of £19.99 instead of £20.00 :O)

Recently I purchased a new television, and within a couple of weeks the price changed an £100 or so with the same retailer and other similar outlets. Glad the credit crunch is beginning to bite, 'Price Matching' 'We can do a deal' 'free extras' are now becoming an acceptable and friendly term, both for the consumer and retailer.

  Mary_S 02:29 25 Dec 2008

They have some decent sales on some products. It is a hard time for businesses, esoecially DSG. Their margin on flat panels and laptops are about 10%, and not even that on some models. I know someone who works in Currys. Its not good. If things do not dramtically improve in the next couple of months expect to hear that many DSGI stores be closing down to.

  Stuartli 10:44 25 Dec 2008

Some people may recall what I've been saying in other threads for a little while now about Currys.

  harps1h 13:18 25 Dec 2008

what was that?

  Stuartli 14:17 25 Dec 2008

That it was very likely some not very good news about the stores could emerge in the not too distant future.

  Mary_S 14:30 25 Dec 2008

They are letting go of many Techguys and quite a few lost their jobs in Hemel Hempstead (DSG headquarters) a couple months ago.

  curofone 14:56 25 Dec 2008

No idea what techguys you are talking about ie instore, separate techguys stores, call centre (either sheffield or nottingham), manfield workshop or mobile engineers but i have heard a few things from with in the techguys that supports what you are saying, I know that the desktop workshop they had closed down a month or 2 back and i also heard that half of there business mobile engineers walked out on the company after dsg tried to impose new contracts on that then.

As for call centre techguys well they are employeed my capita rather than dsg so their jobs are safe(ish) as long as dsg is still going and capita still has the contract to run the call centre, plus capita get fined by dsg if they do not meet the targets set out in the contract so they actually need to keep there work force pretty high.

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