sagem itd58 cant get channel 5 ?

  pat-212841 20:00 30 May 2005

I just bought the Sagem itd58 freeview and now i cant find channel 5 . I had a freeview box 2 years ago but same problem then so the shop took it back but this one is not for the main tv so its not really a problem but has anyone else have this problem of no Channel 5 ? cheers

  wiz-king 20:18 30 May 2005

I get 80 channels from Crystal Palace with the aid of a new antenna, 20ft pole and masthead preamp, I am in a postcode that said 'no signal'.
Have a look at the signal strength and see if you have a reasonable signal - and check that channel five is transmitted from your main transmitter. click here Check here for transmitters.

  pat-212841 20:53 30 May 2005

Thanks Nop i think the signal is not strong enough for channel 5 .

  SEASHANTY 20:13 31 May 2005

Also no trouble with the Sagem STB and also get 80 channels from the Winter Hill Transmitter. Reception in my particular area of Oldham isn't all that brilliant and the Channel 5 TV (which is on the channel 68 multiplex from W.H. is the weakest one of the six multiplexes coming in at just 59/60% signal strength as measured on the Sagem box. This is also the same for the other stations on this multiplex which include abc1; QVC; Teachers TV and the Freeview Channels 26, 27, 28, 32, 33 and 36.
I have the TV aerial connected to the Sagen box by two TV signal boosters and this is definitely the weakest of all the Freeview channels. A good check would be is your analogue reception of Channel 5 reasonable or not. If that is also poor then its probably not your STB which is faulty.

  pat-212841 15:40 01 Jun 2005

SEASHANTY i get good channel 5 if i dont have the freeview box plugged in !i going go through all the channels on it again cause my friend said it should be on there .cheers

  SEASHANTY 16:09 01 Jun 2005

Yes - just do another channel scan with the Sagem STB. You should be showing, at the end of the scan, 80 channels found. And Five TV is on Freeview channel 5 same as analogue. You should also now be picking up E4 and E4+1 on Freeview which are channels 14 and 39 respectively. E4+1 just repeats
the E4 programs one hour later. Comes in quite handy.

  pat-212841 18:31 01 Jun 2005

I get 85 channels but i wouldnt say that they are all watchable but i still dont have channel 5 i have e4 +1 ,channel 5 on mine is itv 2 ,its just i wanted to watch something on channel 5Monday night and couldnt but watched Michael Palin last night on BBC 4 and watching him was worth the price of the diggi box !!

  SEASHANTY 19:59 01 Jun 2005

You may need a wideband aerial fitting. But still... 85 channels. You haven't told us where you are located and which transmitter you are tuned into.
I have several freeview boxes Pace, Grundig, Sagem plus the Digifusion twin tuner STB with a 80GB hard drive which can record two freeview channels at the same time whilst you watch something previously recorded. Its marvellous and made my VCR's redundant. Cost £180 from Argos but its worth it.
My Pace STP upstairs is connected to a separate ordinary TV on the rear wall of the property and is slightly offset in alignment with the main wideband aerial on the roof. It has to so because of the line of the wall. This alignment, however, brings in Ch.5. TV reception better than the main aerial. Its all a matter of trial and error. Even so, I have to use a signal booster on this line also. The aerial installers use a signal meter for best reception. Maybe this would get you Ch.5.

  SEASHANTY 20:01 01 Jun 2005

oops - missed out a vital word. The upstairs Pace STB is connected to a separate ordinary TV AERIAL on the rear wall of the property.......

  SEASHANTY 20:07 01 Jun 2005

....just noted the significance of what you said.
Channel 5 on your freeview is ITV2. None of the freeview boxes are configured this way. The five main channels on analogue, i.e. BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Ch4, Ch5 are also the first five channels on all the freeview boxes. That is Channels 1 to 5 respectively. ITV2 is on channel 6 on the freeview boxes. Don't know whats gone wrong with yours.

  SEASHANTY 14:25 02 Jun 2005

Just to add a little more. Five TV and all the associated multiplexed channels on Winter Hill transmitter channel 68 were unreceivable last night.
Checked the signal strength on the Sagem STB and it was down to 33 percent. I have complained to the BBC
about low power on 68 and they telephoned me to say that some channels did get attenuated more than others and it was due to wet leaves on the trees between line of sight between my property and the transmitter. The website co-ordinating the changeover from analogue to digital transmissions is click here but it isn't fully operational yet.

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